Nail Polish from the Siberian Call Le

Just over 2 weeks ago, I stumbled upon the new Catrice LE “Siberian Call”. Since I had little time, I could only take a quick look at it and found amazed that all the copies of the eyeshadow “Rest In The Forest” were already out of print and only one of the nail varnish C04 “Rest In The Forest” stood around. The rest was completely unaffected! This of course always attracts special attention. The must-have feeling that generally prevails with Limited Editions (you could miss the next ultimate hype product!), Was strengthened by the fact that there was only a nail polish of this apparently so desired color. My brain stopped at short notice (I do not want to know exactly how many virgin nail polishes I own!) And I hastily carried the nail polish to the cash desk. In the meantime, I have tried it already and since 5 days on the nails, so I can write you today a review to it.


I felt the job with the short, wide brush as uncomplicated. The varnish can be varnished without streaks. However, the drying time leaves something to be desired. Despite the use of the Essie “Good To Go” overpainting I still harbored three decent quirks in the freshly painted nails. And the (blogger-worst-case) still before the photography! Fortunately these were limited to the thumbs and the Macke at the pointing finger could still be corrected.

Coverage :

I painted three coats, only then was the covering power given. Therefore, probably the longer drying time. I applied the varnish on the Nailweehl times over three different nail polishes from Healthknowing as Top Coat and the effect I find particularly over a Nude lacquer very beautiful. As a solo lacquer, I think it is only conditionally suitable or for people who does not deter the painting of three layers.

Shelf Life :

The durability is all right. The varnish has already been on my nails for 5 days and there is now a bit of tip wear. But there have been no splinterings yet, and the tipwear does not fall so quickly in the bright, shimmering color.


The rest in the forest is a beautiful taupe with a duochrome glimmer. The glitter particles range from purple to gold to silver. The lacquer, however, is only suitable as a solo artist because it has a low covering power but is better suited as a top coat over another nail varnish. Although the varnish is very shimmering, the light, delicate color makes it very suitable for everyday use. I prefer two suns for the poor covering power and for the poor drying time and give the varnish two out of four possible suns and thus a “go so”. A beautiful lacquer with some weaknesses, with its color and great shimmer fits well into the winter and is more suitable as Top Coat.