Myths and Facts About Pregnancy

Because every mom wants to know should or should not do during pregnancy, it is good to talk about those things they say and do not know how true it is. Being a mother is not easy, we consult a little better about those myths and facts about pregnancy


Eating for two

Many times during the pregnancy is said that mom should eat more food, it must feed the baby, but it is not, the important thing is to eat healthy, varied, and only increase 300 more calories from your daily diet, for weight gain Extra could be harmful.

You can not have sex

While your doctor does not contraindications, of course you can have sex during the pregnancy, as the baby is protected and no harm if you do. Nor is it true that passionate sex later delivery.


Caffeine is prohibited

Some say that consuming caffeine during pregnancy can be harmful, however there is no evidence to ensure that consume about 200 milligrams of caffeine a day increased the risk of losing the baby.


Do not paint Hair

Often ensures that during pregnancy should not dye your hair, however it is false, it is impossible for the dye to the baby, what could happen is that your skin this more sensitive.


Fitness is Malo

Moderate exercise is highly recommended because it favors the blood supply to the uterus and keeps us fit to face the birth  and to have a better recovery.

Hormonal changes

Maternal hormones were becoming excited and change their levels incredibly, however hormones father also suffer alterations. Levels of testosterone in a man who is expecting a child decrease as well as increase their levels of prolactin, the hormone that women are responsible for the formation of milk.


Respiration increases

Progesterone is the hormone reigns in most of the pregnancy, it helps stimulate female respiratory center to increase oxygen consumption and can release more carbon dioxide, self and that is generating the baby.


Take Folic Acid

It is true that all muejres should consume acid folic during pregnancy because this consumption is usually associated with a decrease in the development of malformations in the nervous system such as anencephaly, spina bifida, among some others.


Do not eat raw food

It is recommended not to eat raw meat of cattle, pigs, or fish or shellfish during the gestation period. This risk of transmission of pathogens that can cause more severe infections, both mother and baby.


Spots on the skin

It is true that during pregnancy may appear on cheeks, forehead and upper lip and he called chloasma. They are mainly to the action of hormones that stimulate the production of melanin, which is the pigment that gives the dark color of the skin. Also they are seen in the areola and nipple as a dark line that rises from the pubis to the navel.

These are just some myths and realities about the gestation period, not always forget to consult your doctor, because being a mom is not easy.