My Current Favorite Necklace:”Dream of Sleep”

Today I want to introduce you to a necklace in which I have fallen in love at first sight. Already her name “Drea m of Sleep “sounds so mystical and mysterious, but at the same time eerily soothing. And here you can be sure: What the name promises is also held. Because BJØRG is known for creating unusual and fascinating jewelery that has its own charm. You do not know the Scandinavian designer yet? Well then, this necklace “Dream of Sleep” is exactly the right entrance into the impressive jewelry world of this designer.

My Current Favorite Necklace 3

Necklace of glass and bronze

But one after anonther. This fantastic necklace is the result of a simple yet unusual design at A small pendant made of glass, filled with sand, is attached to a delicate rose gold necklace.The pendant is reminiscent of a gyro or cone, which can seem to rotate endlessly.I like the film “Inception” with Leonardo DiCaprio.Do you remember that a similar gyro played a very important role there?You carry this chain and feels quite different, is in a beautiful dream.What also captivates this chain is the attention to detail.The pendant is handblown. The fine sand inside the pendant is held in rose gold.And, together with the same-colored chain, gives a flowing ensemble.As material was chosen for this great jewelry bronze, to 18 carat gold plated.

My Current Favorite Necklace 2

So you can combine the chain

The chain “Dream of Sleep” is a simple yet very impressive necklace.With its pink gold color it is an ideal companion for many looks.Since it is 70 cm in length, you should also wear a top with which the pendant is good.Because of its length, it protrudes beyond the neckline, the trailer would quickly fall over when the top is worn.For this purpose filigree rings , worn in bundles, match with bright jewelery or precious stones.Or even completely without stone.The warm tone, the Rosègold, takes up again, by the rest of the jewelry held in yellow gold or also in Rosè.becomes.All together a dreamy, light look.

My Current Favorite Necklace 1

A real highlight, our today’s jewelery of the day.Convince yourself immediately!