Multitalent T-Shirt: Stylish on International Parquet and the Domestic Couch

The t-shirt is legendary. It is a multitalent, it is indispensable and it suits everyone, whether male or female, young or old, short or long, thick or thin. World-famous Hollywood stars have already been sighted with T-shirts at the Oscar ceremony. And also at home on the couch the shirts are welcome guests. They are dressed as in the collections of large models, give political statements, or they are simply appropriate.

An overwhelming majority of 56.3%, according to the largest market-media investigation, buys several T-shirts in one fell swoop. 40.3% buy T-shirts four times a year and 38.2% two to three times a year. T-shirts are extremely popular and the Germans’ desire to buy is unbroken.

How a T-shirt can be combined, show the following styling tips.

Tip 1: The classic jeans and T-shirt
The combination jeans and T-shirt is an absolute classic. James Dean did it. On the official website of James Dean are numerous photos of him and posters of his films. They show it in different outfits and again and again the T-shirt is included. His style is still striking, the combination of blouson, jeans and shirt from the film Rebel Without A Cause unforgotten.

Since the jeans are on the market, the T-shirt seems inseparable from her. Whether the T-shirt is loosely worn over the waist or depends on the overall look. Narrow-cut T-shirts make a narrow waist look good. T-shirts with a particularly wide neckline can flash out a naked shoulder at an angle. Whether with or without print, jeans and T-shirt is a combination that stands for any type.

Tip 2: White T-Shirt as Basic in the wardrobe
A white T-shirt in the wardrobe, as simple as possible, belongs to the basic equipment. It is unbelievable, in how many different variants a simple white T-shirt can be worn.

Very special is a white T-shirt with a black leather

+A sweet

t-shirt with a romantic tulle skirt+Body-accentuates a T-shirt a narrow-cut pencil skirt

Loosely put into the waistband, the white T-shirt gives the overall outfit a casual touch. Anyone wearing pointed shoes can without a doubt go to the opera with the look. A pair of sneakers to turn the outfit into a leisure dress. Supplemented by blazer, jeans jacket or leather jacket, the overall impression changes once again. As versatile as a T-shirt should not be a second piece of clothing.

Tip 3: Leggings and T-Shirt
If you do not like legs, and the skirts in the wardrobe are deficient, the T-shirt combines with leggings. It acts like a skinny jeans, but also emphasizes every gram of superfluous fat. In addition, the underwear is distinguished by thin fabrics, the same applies to the cuffs of socks and stockings. Either the T-shirt is put into the waistband and worn over it by a long, hip-sweeping cardigan. Or the T-shirt has maxi size and reaches the middle of the thighs. The outfit is supplemented with cuffs and flat shoes. In Pumps and with a belt around the hips it is suitable for the evening Kinobesuch or a comfortable city stroll.

Tip 4: The individual shirt
Some people prefer Slim Fit, others prefer Regular Fit. The textile industry has invented these two types of passports so that they can manufacture and offer the shirts as bulk goods. For those who need more freedom of movement, the regular Fit T-shirt is the best fit. The Slim Fit T-Shirt is the perfect fit for your body. And the gentlemen of creation have also discovered the Slim Fit T-shirt.

An individual t-shirt is an eye-catcher. So a shirt quickly becomes the absolute favorite part In

order to make an individual T-shirt from the bulk goods, it is a good idea to have a T-shirt printed, Particularly successful are T-shirts, which are embellished with a self-designed motif or a personal photo. Funny t-shirts for bachelor parties or family celebrations, sports parties and other club celebrations, which represent the occasion unambiguously.

With a photo print or beautifully designed lettering, the shirts can be produced in many different colors and styles. Depending on the chosen technique, a soft print is produced so that the wearing comfort is not restricted.

This makes it possible to combine a T-shirt with
+ jeans,
+ shorts,
+ miniskirts,
+ cloth pants ,
+ leggings,
+ dungarees
+ capri pants

Even under jeans jackets, blazers, cardigans or leather jackets, even designed t-shirts give the outfit the special touch.

Tip 5: Fine styling for the red carpet
Topmodel Cara Delevingne and actress Olivia Wilde make it: They wear t-shirts on the red carpet. While Olivia is wearing a portrait of rock legend Bruce Springsteen, Cara, who is often roguy, uses surprisingly no-name products – and once again underlines her image. Almost as in the 50s James Dean put both ladies with an unmistakable sign: Conventions I do not care!

At the same time, with the T-shirt, you express your independence and enjoyment of the individuality. Because between the glittering robes of other stars on the red carpet they stand out despite or just because of the restrained style by their personality and they prove courage to resume the conventions.

To the world of the normal mortals, it is therefore said that a T-shirt at events with an apparently fixed dress code is quite portable. These events include, for example, the following:
+ Wedding
+ Round Birthday
+ Baptism
+ Awarding ceremony
+ Final

Conclusion: A T-shirt is salonfähig and in countless combinations portable. If you do not have a T-shirt in your closet, you’ll miss a piece of fashion history. The purchase of at least one Handvoll Basic T-Shirts is a very good decision, which immediately enriches the wardrobe with a variety of combinations.