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All it takes is a child to see a wooden playground for eyes to start shining and she asks to play. This type of toy really is quite popular and, let’s face it, even we adults want to have fun at them sometimes. But for the play to be totally safe and for the playground not to work too much for maintenance, all planning at the time of construction is very well thought out. Are you excited about making one for the little ones? So check out the tips below!

Photos And Ideas Of Playground Of Madeira

The most fundamental issue when choosing the right playground for you is the space you have available. This point will directly influence the style and quantity of toys that you will be able to include in the construction. But not only that. We may not even think about it much, but most of the time this type of toy is used by children during the day, so ideally it is where the incidence of sunlight is great. In addition, it is also very important to think about the soil where the toy will be. It is advisable to stand on uneven terrain to avoid falls.

For wooden playgrounds, another point should be taken into consideration: moisture . After all, if the place where you put the toy is very humid, the material can be damaged easily!

The types of playground can vary greatly. They may be simpler, like the model above, and elaborate, like the following image.
And how about if your wooden playground follow the treehouse style? The building can look amazing!

Another incredible idea is to use and abuse colors to paint paint the children’s playground.

How To Make A Wood Playground

In addition to the tips listed above, other points should also be taken into account when planning and making a playground. These are: the safety measures necessary for the little ones to play with no worries, the necessary maintenance to maintain the place and, of course, which toys to put on.

Safety Precautions And Measures

The ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) has created some safety measures to ensure that there are no problems during the children’s play on the wooden playground. In addition, there are different recommendations depending on where the toy is installed (nursery, condominium, club, public areas, among others). Check below, the main ABNT councils on the subject:

Material: According to the association, for children up to 7 years, the ideal is to bet on a plastic toy. Already for children from that age, wood is the best option. In addition, weather conditions must be taken into account. For example, if the site has a high incidence of sun, it is not advisable to use plastic as the material heats up. If the place is humid, it is better to leave the wood aside, as it can spoil more easily.

Safety on toys: Do not forget to protect the surface of toys with a non-toxic coating. The finish should be smooth, so there is no risk of any child getting injured with barbs. And of course, screws and nails can not get the tip exposed.

Solo: One caution that many people may forget is with regard to damping the floor. If a child falls, the soil material must cushion the impacts. ABNT advises the use of a layer of 30 cm of sand or the installation of floors suitable for this purpose, such as rubber or synthetic grass.

These are the main recommendations, but if you want to know more about the rules, just click here .

Top Toys

Here the choice depends a lot on the taste of the children who will use the toy, but of course, without ever forgetting the safety of the little ones. You can choose slides, climbing nets, seesaws, swings, hanging rings, downspouts, bridges, climbing wall and more !


Maintenance is also part of ABNT’s rules regarding playground’s, but due to its importance, we have decided to separate a topic exclusively for it!

For those parents who think it’s just installing the toy that the service is over, it’s best to take a good look at this part of the post. In order to guarantee the safety of children, you should check the condition of the playground daily , so that in case of cracks, loose nails and other problems, the solution is also quick and does not cause any injuries. If the floor is rubberized, it is also necessary to clean the floor, to ensure the hygiene and organization of the place. And always keep an eye on possible spare parts!

It is also advisable to carry out a more thorough inspection every month to check for signs of toy wear. In addition, a responsible technician must attend the site once a year to conduct a full report of the playground, which takes into account all necessary safety items.

With all these tips and recommendations, you already know what it takes to make the ideal toy for your child, while providing for the safety and fun of the little one! Do not forget to always be attentive to the conditions of the playground and whenever possible, accompany the little one in the games. You can be sure that he and you will love this family moment!