Moonlight Shoulder Bags

Elegance is the word that best defines the light of the moon, a Brazilian brand of bags, shoes and leather accessories

Since a belt to complement the look and give that special detail, to the maxi bags, for those days when we need to take the world with us, moon light offers everything a woman needs to stay organized, well – dressed Its comfortable!

The Light of the Moon has in its small, medium and large bags catalog with handles of various sizes, and backpacks. All made in leather with special treatment and excellent quality. In addition, the whole process involves technology and craftsmanship, ensuring exclusivity and a touch of passion every product developed.

You do not get better? Has! The Light of the Moon believes that fashion is a way for women to exercise their freedom and independence, and every woman knows it’s in the bag we carry literally our indispensable items for life.

Therefore, the brand has an extensive catalog that will appeal to all tastes and styles. On Store site, you can find various models for the day to day, which can be used at work, in the club or on a weekend trip. Not only that all this versatility, it also gives to find a bag that matches that social tidier look and also with the good old double infallible: jeans and shirt.

If you ever fall in love for the Light of the Moon because of their bags, you will love even more when you see the shoes! With modern and comfortable models, the brand fulfills its proposal for freedom and independence. After all, you can not be free with that uncomfortable shoe that just makes you want to come home and be barefoot.

As if that were not enough comfort to the feet, the Light of the Moon has a more beautiful than the other model. Why also does not to give up the beauty for comfort, right?

And if the bags please Greeks and Trojans, the shoes could not be different. In the online catalog we can find slippers and heeled sandals or creeping super worked with precious stones, braids, laces and metal. Without forgetting, of course, the boots (all in leather, great for winter and rain), sneakers, shoes, clogs, moccasins … phew! It is a multitude of types of shoes, each with a bunch of color options, heels, straps, zippers, and so on!

If you think it over, he was wrong. It’s not just bag and shoe that they understand not. The brand also has belts, wallets, key chains and clutches.

Always connected to the latest fashion trends and seeking to bring high quality products to the public, the Light of the Moon is one of those brands that every woman should have at least one copy in the closet.

Where to Buy Bags Moonlight

At this point, you should already be crazy for a part of them, and the question is: where to find these gems?

The products are for sale in the shop’s own brand and are delivered directly to your home by the post office services. Just add the items in the cart, checkout, fill in the ID registration and choose the payment method (credit card or bank transfer). After that, just count the hours for the arrival of your order!

In Sao Paulo, the shops are in malls Ibirapuera, Morumbi, North Center and Bourbon Pompeii, besides the own shop in the Consolation Street, No. 3471, close of Oscar Freire.

If you are not from Sao Paulo, do not despair! There are stores throughout Brazil and you can look for the nearest you.