Modern Fendi Bags

Playing with fashion isn’t always easy, but the Fendi when you want … Yes … you know dare and cause like no one else! It’s been a while since the Italian fashion house launched its line of handbags and accessories Bag Bugs, however the concept of products only began to explode at the end of last year, causing the main fashionistas into decorating your bags with “little monsters” super creative. For those who still do not know, the pieces represent fun brand mascots, who decided to focus on a younger audience with the key chains that can be coupled to any bag. Each bug has an expression and a different name, al m of a festive, colorful footprint and cool! With the pets, the Fendi also released more colorful handbags through than usual and wide-eyed, to make the production gain unusual airs!

The success is both, the brand opened a pop-up dedicated only to this line in Harrods, in London. Seen in the fashionistas, and fashion editor of Vogue Japan, Anna Dello Russo, the collection has become a fever, and here in Brazil there are waiting in lines to buy! The pets can be used in the brand name handbags-that has a collection devoted to the pampering furry-or any other bag to leave the production with a relaxed and cheerful air. The question is: is this fashion of “fru-frus” gets around here? Hot or not?