Models of Cheap Gold Earrings

The precious metals market, gold is one of the most valued in the world for jewels. The precious stones are beautiful, but there’s no who do not resist (at least most people) to a good piece of jewelry in gold. Gold earrings are fashion, classic, traditional and synonymous with glamour. Everyone combines with them and it’s great to invest in diversity if it is real gold.

Pure and mixed gold earrings

Before you start shopping, it’s important to understand the basic difference between pure gold earrings and the not so pure as well. As the old catchphrase, “all that glitters is not gold”, and so there is a big difference between just golden earrings and they’re gold.

The noble metal that was once considered the most valuable of the Earth need to be melted to frame a piece of jewelry, ring, earring, necklace, bracelet, or other. Is in the liquid state that the jewel is formed. During melting, the parts manufacturers can invest in other metals into the mix to make the play.

For anyone who brags of having gold earrings at home, it is important information: there is no pure gold on the market. 18 k gold (18 carats) would be the purest, but he’s weak, so are plus other hard metals such as silver and copper in the mixture to form the jewel. However, it still takes a lot of gold and, depending on the size of the earring, comes out expensive.

16 k gold earrings is no longer as pure as well and leads, in addition to silver, less noble metals, such as aluminum. That’s 16 k gold earrings common don’t get intense yellow for a long time or even turn green.

Foleados gold earrings still lead the golden metal, but in small drops mixed in your coverage so well that there is no real guarantee that he won’t rust or discolor and many earn a tom green after a swim or pool with chlorine.

How do I know if I am buying gold earrings real?

The first step is to see if the jewel is heavy or too light. Real gold weighs, so the earrings are not light and some people don’t like using 18 k gold jewelry. The jewelry, on the other hand, is very light and comfortable for those with very thin ears. The weight is one of the major nominees. And the more gold weights the manufacturer informing that the jewel takes, heavier she must be. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

A bath in some acids can indicate if the jewel is really gold or not. If not, the layers will strip completely and show what she’s made of metal. The real gold does not peel, because there are no layers on top in one piece.

Gold earrings are not greenish also in contact with sea water. Costume jewelry, on the contrary, they completely the color quickly. After a day at the beach, the jewel must be totally green. If it’s just gold-plated, the coverage can resist a little, but the metal parts are going to lose the gold paint and sea bath.

What is the difference between gold and gold white gold?

Beyond color and value, there is a difference in price for the material of the jewel. White Gold is made of Golden traditional gold Yes, but 75% gold and 25% other metal alloys such as opaládio, a metal also noble and that leaves the jewel with that color, he is less valuable than the Golden gold in use in General but not so with less value. Some people prefer more white gold to silver.

Gold Earrings with gemstones

An earring of gold is not even the cheapest items, but is much more expensive when Pats shiny are added. But tell you: can you resist a gold earring with diamonds, for example? The more shining the most expensive jewel she is most beautiful and she also becomes.

The most commonly used stones in gold earrings are diamonds for your clear and easy color combination. But there is the Ruby, a red one that causes a nice contrast, jade in your green color similar to when used in the rough marble, Onyx and contrasting your black, among others.

Some Jewelers custom work, adding or removing stones need gold earrings and other precious metals. The best known in parts as well in Brazil is the Vivara, who works with their models but accepts orders for special jewelry. There is also the Tiffany, one of the most famous of the United States you can do unique designs tailored to their owners.

Where to buy gold earrings online?

In Brazil, there are nice shops with quality guarantee. Whether you’re buying a pair of gold earrings is important to ensure the durability of the piece. A gold earring is eternal, but with mixtures of different metals does not last two years. Some last for days and I get green. Some stores following safe for you to buy gold earrings:

  • Persian Medallion – – the site works only with jewels in your highest purity gold, therefore doesn’t have earrings for less than R $200. However, is no guarantee for change three years at least.
  • Gold works with 18 k gold on, with precious stones and so the pieces cost over R $500. Most of the gold earrings site is incremented with pedrarias and are large or medium. Has no discrete model too much or for piercing.
  • Colosseum –– site selling wedding ring and various products in gold, silver and precious metals of equal value, like old gold and gold with diamonds. The models are more traditional, and there is a wide availability of items for sale
  • Miss Jewelry – – specializing in traditional gold earrings models, like flowers, pebbles and marbles. With warranty and return.

What did you think of the gold earrings models?