Miitomo, a Little Heart for Google Now by Courtesy of Nintendo

Since Apple launched Siri, or at least since it began to operate in somewhat decent shape, the Android universe is filled with more or less functional, more or less personal personal assistants. All looking to be the most efficient helping and keeping tasks for the user, and some include a human touch that makes distances with Google Now.

Today the door has been opened to a completely opposite concept, but at the same time complementary, a virtual soul called Miitomo. It is possible to register on My Nintendo, membership which replaces Club Nintendo, and pre-register to receive the app when it debuts in March. Just follow these steps that we have in Kotaku.

Miitomo can become really sensitive, communicative, alive, application that Apple takes so much time looking for and Google has not been necessary on Android. A perfect match for the pragmatic coldness of Google Now.

Assistant personal vs. virtual person

Years of cornering and pressures to Nintendo for the entry into the mobile app and tablets, and when it finally announces an agreement to publish multiple applications together with the Japanese distributor DeNA, the first thing that comes to present is this.

Miitomo is not that Super Mario Bros. Mobile it would break tents of apps at a price well above the average. Nor is it a revolutionary experimental game from those that have managed to stay 30 years afloat, as the recent Splatoon. It is only a communication tool that allows the user to leave your phone banal social relations.

“Sure there are many things that you usually don’t tell anyone, but I would love to you ask!” is the basic premise of the program. How your pets, where will you go on holiday, what is your latest hobby or what have you done the weekend are called, that’s what you’re going to have to tell Miitomo that he undertakes to say to other people you previously added to a friends list.

While Microsoft was worried about Cortana (which is already on Android) giving a strong personality and he filled his database of answers to questions chorra, neglecting the quality of their basic functions. But Nintendo is that you complete the personality of your avatar so always provide adequate reply, giving shape to the human heart that personal assistants are still casting in lack.

Nintendo aims to you complete the personality of your avatar so always provide adequate reply, giving shape to the human heart that personal assistants are still casting in lack.

Of course that this app is not filling that hole, has no productive utility or compete in that segment. That is the reason why I see that it is so complementary to most aseptic attendees as Google Now and you can rub with those who seek to show consciousness.

Otherwise put them face to face. It is typical that people have personal assistants to tell a joke to test. If the case, because we have not yet tasted it to see far reaching, Miitomo there to ask him to tell us a joke. He asked that we chivemos you one to tell other Mii on our behalf.

With visual representation: the Mii

Another big difference with the personal assistants we have in Android or Siri is that Miitomo Yes gives appearance to the soul of the app. Nintendo has had it easy because a decade ago designed the characters Mii, which had a great success and there are hundreds of millions already created.

The idea is that you create one in your image and likeness to represent you, even you can start from a photo. However nothing prevents someone give free rein to creativity and show anything. Hitler was a star in the early years of Wii, without going any further. In addition it is social because then you can take pictures with it and share it via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

There is something else, because in this application of free download the Mii is not only a personal representation, also are the only way to spend money. Nintendo will present a very advanced version of these characters. For the first time it will be possible to dress up their bodies from head to toe, if purchased before garments with money Miitomo, which is achieved by taking hours or buying it in the Play Store.

From this point of view we are much further from the personal assistants and much closer to social simulators, a rather better known terrain for the creators of software like Animal Crossing or Tomodachi Life. Although openers away from being something like Second Life.

What is Miitomo for Nintendo

Nintendo has been proposed to achieve the 100 million users of MyNintendo in a year and Miitomo will be one of their main vehicles of communication and dissemination. The other think it will end up being Pokémon GO, but not told much of this game capture Pokémon with augmented reality which is also developing Ingress for Android.

For the company of Mario Bros., which takes half a decade seeing how the great bubble of the casual game that she created is it are sucking, this app is not only a letter of introduction, represents an opportunity to sneak through the back door in every day millions of people. As it is usual with this company, you can be a great success or great failure and become a fashion.

Its weak point is that you part of a concept very oriental social relations, rather prudish, that could cause certain rejection in the rest of the world. Its great strength is that there is not anything like, there is no other tool of communication with these features. It is a Tamagotchi yourself that feeds only on ideas. And we know the madness that caused the Tamagotchi.

Care Nintendo comes to Android, id making hole in the tops of the Play Store. Or not.