Men’s Social, Sports Vests: Winter Fashion Models

Male Social and Sport jackets: winter fashion vest models, tips on how to use

The vests men are very traditional pieces, it’s just that many people don’t know the correct ways to use.

Men with this “accessory” so to speak, are stylish and modern although this type of clothing is old in the male wardrobe, is always present in casual and formal looks.

These kinds of pieces are very practical and look good with shoes, sneakers, pants in tailoring or jean, shorts, shirts and t-shirts.

Check out ideas for looks with vest

Vests with t-shirts:Serve for a more relaxed, sporty and combine with various types of t-shirt and this is the most common form of use.Combines with informal occasions and combines with tennis. To use it, choose shirts of neutral colors, such as black or white, of course, if the vest has some detail. If the play is discrete, i.e. without any detail, choose more t-shirts “showy”. Use the shirts untucked and it’s cool that the vest stay open;

Shirts Vests:In more formal or social fashion, rules are basically the same. If the piece has better details choose the neutral tones and similar shirts are also great. The vest can also be opened with the loose shirt, or closed with her in. Can combine with any fabric, including jeans. Merge different prints, provided they are discreet and have similar colors. There are also colorful jackets you can switch by Plaid shirts, bright or even the dark, depending on the color of the vest.

The main tip is not to abuse in the mix of colors, but combine them and the way is to take advantage of them because they never go out of fashion.