Men’s Corset

When we think of corsets, we think of women who are voluptuous, feminine and delicate. The corset has become an almost exclusive part of women’s clothing. But what most people do not know is that there are many men who practice tight lacing and have thinner waists than many women.

I discovered that there were corsets made exclusively for modeling the male body by watching an episode of CSI. In this episode a man was found and at the autopsy they saw that his ribs were arcades and his waist was very thin. Investigating the case, the detectives eventually found out about the tight male lacing. CSI is also culture!

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, men’s fashion was as ornate and ornate as women’s fashion. The male body ideal was of a man with broad shoulders and a small waist. Then came the use of the corset, which helped men to create and maintain that silhouette.

The men’s corsets were made of very strong cotton fabric, the lashing was behind and in some models they had strips to keep the abdomen from being round. Other corsets had elastic inserts throughout the part of the chest, which gave a leaner and straighter form. The corset also made it easier for stronger men to wear armor.

Today it is much easier to find women’s corsets, but there are some men who practice tight lacing. An example is Mr Pearl. Born in South Africa, he moved to London after completing his military service. Today he lives in Paris and has a renowned atelier, located behind the Notre Dame Cathedral, which has been asked by great fashion names such as Galliano, Gaultier, Lacroix, Mugler and many others. His work is meticulous, giving emphasis to details of vintage art. Dita von Tease, Jerry Hall and Madonna are some of Mr. Pearl’s many famous guests.

In addition to making the corsets, Mr Pearl is a tight lacing practitioner and has an envy belt for a lot of women.

I think the tight lacing is a wonderful art. Tight lacing is not only about using corsets, it has to have posture, discipline for training and dedication. I think everyone has the right to practice, men and women. But, let’s face it, the male body looks kind of weird with that belt there, does not it? Imagine your boyfriend practicing and having a waist thinner than yours! What do you think of that?