Meet the Candidates for Miss the Sailor Pin – Up Pub

On May 14, Saturday, starting at 5:00 pm, the Pin-Up Contest The Sailor Pub, in São Paulo. The event, which is in your 3rd Edition, will elect the youngest Miss Pin-Up of the city of São Paulo. In addition to the track and kits, the contest promises a prize of 6 nights at the Hard Rock Hotel in Mexico or Punta Cana, for first place plus one.

The second place will win R $500 and R $400 3, both in money. The 3 winners will be presented with a project test Be a Bombshell, to be published here on Retro Universe. The contest will also more 9 girls, in addition to the 3 winners, to imprint the 2017 Calendar of Pub.

The event, which will also have beachwear parade and gala, will feature concerts for bands such as Alex & Valenzi The Hidewaycat and Junkie Boxburlesque presentation of Marilia Skraba and Aurora D’vine, plus a retro Bazaar with Bruna brands Pepper, owner of Sweet and Trapezia.

Among the 20 participants, there are girls of different retro styles, each extolling your essence and leaving the competition even more fierce this year. Want to know who are they? Below, you can see the profile of each to choose your favorite.

Renata Cândido

Renata Candido, or Candy R, is a lawyer, singer and pin-up. Winner of the third place of the old-fashioned 2015 competition and former lead singer of rockabilly band Roberto Earthquake and Earthquakes. Is a fan of classic pin-ups in the navy style, and is considered a vain woman, female and of good taste.


First international competitor Miss The Sailor, heat Kusz is argentina. He entered the world of Pin-Ups because of Rockabilly and Rock and Roll of 50 years. Works as a dance teacher of these styles and have participated in competitions and presentations of steps. Makes pictures as Pin-up model, too.


A host interviews on youtube channel of the same name, Cherry Wood is formed in fashion and in love with the vintage as a whole. It was quoted recently at book Rockabilly Brazil, Eduardo Molinar, stand out among the new generation of Rockers. Just become the model group PMM (Pink Mink Mafia). Already participated in another edition of the contest Miss The Sailor.


Creator of Red Velvet Blog, Cynthia is Betini blogger and homemaker and loves going to the kitchen to make sweets. Is hobby mining in thrift stores and collects clothing, accessories and curios. His main inspiration is Bettie Page, so I adopted the fringe that already uses some years ago and, among his tattoos, there’s one in homage to the Queen of pin ups. Already participated in another edition of the contest Miss The Sailor.


Fascinated by horror films A and B side of 20 to 50 years, Dracurella is the alias of Sajith Idalgo. In love with the universe vintage, is a blogger, fashion design student and has just launched a brand specialized in retro impressions. Already made presentations clownish and worked with antiquity. Print October calendar of Pin-Ups of the universe retro and has appeared in another edition of the contest Miss The Sailor.


Pin-Up model and banking, Fabiana Fabricio’s mother and takes on the face of Miss the sweetness of the time, but also believes having the boldness and determination of the real Pin-Up Girls. Already participated in another edition of the contest Miss The Sailor and print April calendar Pin-Ups of the universe.


Honeymoon is the nickname of the carioca Markrockson30 Quarry. Fan Pin-up style, like dancing, singing, cooking, and ensures to make delicious cupcakes. Is joyful and happiness is your motto. As a hobby like makeup and dress with lots of glamour, and when it comes out for fun they don’t care about what other people might think, reported by


Pin-Up model and Cosplay, Safeco Buuh account have been identified with the vintage scene at the first contact. A feminist, she fights the causes of female empowerment and admires the attitude, the attitude and the guts of the Pin-Ups of the past, we broke paradigms at the time. Research and design their own clothes and accessories.


Lais Morello’s Pin-Up model and considers himself a fun girl, vain, that doesn’t leave the House without lipstick and eyeliner. Is in love with retro and vintage pieces, mainly for mining decor. Like tattoos, music and considers himself a lot.


ISIS Lamartine is acrobatic and enthusiastic fabric artist in the world of Old Hollywood. She has inspired muses of cinema as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren. Considers himself a mix of delicate girl and sexy woman, and claims to have a strong personality and a taste classic to dress up.


Red Maddox is the alias of Dani Nunciatelli. Portuguese teacher and pin-up model PMM Group Brazil (Pink Mink Mafia) is a pin-up girl who loves music and everything related to decades of 1930 to 1960. Inspired by the cowgirls of Gil Elvgren, is passionate about western culture. Goldie Hill, Rose Maddox, Patsy Cline and Wanda Jackson are some examples of your inspiration!


Amanda Aguilar, or Mandy Millicent, is in love with cinema and gets lost in the world of movies. Consider yourself a sweet girl, gentle and fun. Love Couture of Hollywood stars and gets around with your Vogue in the hands. He has participated in other editions of the contest and works as a Pin-up model.


Miss Gold is the codename of Sathar, pin-up model and tattoo artist full of personality. Love the glamour of classic cinema and modernity of the tattoo. If inspired by great divas as Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth and modern pin-ups as Sabina Kelley. In love with rock ‘n’ roll, likes to dance and is a fan of the King Elvis Presley.


Hairdresser, makeup artist and designer of eyebrows, Ana Beatriz Azevedo gives life to the Pin-Up Miss Lolly Pop. According to her, your character follows to the letter the romanticism, the elegance and the innocence of other eras. She believes that the Pin-ups are sexy, yet sophisticated. His style brings Rudy reference Girls with tattoos and a strong personality, and the delicacy of Lady Like.


The name Miss Marine came from the last name “marine environment” and is a tribute to the family of Faiz Mahdavi Saldanha. Owner of thrift store (Bizarre thrift store), loves to mix vintage with pieces. In your style brings rockabilly and psychobilly references.


Miss Vanilla Flakes, or Ingrid Missio, came from inside to shine in the big city, with your charm and sweetness. In addition to pin-up style lover, loves the golden age of Hollywood and the stars Ingrid Bergman and Betty Grable. Also loves country, rockabilly, psychobilly and jazz.


According to Barbara Alt, the Pink Diva, your love of retro began when seen the movie Grease, to 5 years of age. She says he has been fascinated by everything about that movie. Since then, seeks to apply the style references in your day to day. Owns a clothing and accessories aimed at the time, tattoo artist and bodypiercer. Participated in some beauty contests and resides in Rio de Janeiro.


Fashion student, virtual celebrity and alternative model, Sarah Amethyst represents the pin-ups. Bet on the Pink hair, who joins the classic hairstyle, bringing the best of both worlds: the independence of the woman of today with the sophistication of the woman of the past. Print the month of June in the calendar of the universe.


Miss Cherry Candy is the nickname of pin-up Doyon Fernandes. According to her, your character was born at the time when it was discovered women, adopting this lifestyle that goes beyond fashion, rescuing the historic marked by sensuality silhouette enhancement.