Meet Muji, the Japanese Network with Decor, Clothing and More!

Maybe some of you have already heard about the Japanese Muji. Founded in 1980, your source was a complete rationalization of the production process with the goal of creating products simple, low cost and good quality. Their products are succinct, but aren’t in the minimalist style and low price and simple are some of the terms to refer to the brand. There are more than 700 Muji stores worldwide, with more than 7,000 items ranging from clothes and household items to items of decoration. I’ve seen some posts in social networks about the store and I’ve been in a few days to check closely and I figured it was worth a tip here on the blog.

Is the type of store to find a bit of everything, you know? On the garment, there are female and male parts, with a timeless footprint. As we are in the winter, I saw a lot of coats, jackets, sweaters, shirts and long sleeve sweaters, all in neutral tones or discrete and classic prints, priced from $10. There are also denim jeans and socks on HOMETHODOLOGY. For those who love dishes, there are a variety of dishes, bows, and other containers, as well as pots and forms. The part of stationery includes pens, seals, notebooks, notepads and post-its. In the bed, bath & beyond has towels, blankets and sheets. Who loves organization also find products in this category. The Muji has even a cosmetic line, with essential oils, products for the body and for the face, plus accessories like brushes of makeup.

The Muji is, really, that kind of store you can find everything. In spite of clean design, liked everything I saw there and found the prices very affordable. To give you an idea of the values charged, simply browse the online store. When I was there, several pieces of winter were with 30 and 50% discount. The Muji has five stores in New York.