Meaning of CCTV

CCTV is an acronym in English “closed circuit television” as abbreviated on abbreviationfinder that translated into the Spanish “CCTV”, it consists of one or more cameras surveillance connected to one or more displays of televisions that reproduce the images broadcast by cameras or video. The images seen by the camera are transmitted via coaxial cables or a wireless network that is the monitor that is used to transmit the images.

Meaning of CCTV

The system is characterized by be closed, which indicates that the images recorded by the camera is not transmitted but is stored in a storage device for viewing or to be used as evidence, as for example: in the case of theft, murder, the recorded images can be of great help for the authorities to find those responsible for the fact. In addition, it is a system to be used by a limited number of spectators.

The cameras is are fixed in points specific and, of be a system modern them cameras can be managed from a room of control and count with functions advanced as: approaches, zoom, panoramic, tilt, among others. With the advance of the cameras, there are models that let you capture images in dark images in darkness with infrared, video analysis, etc., all depends on the need for and purpose of the person concerned.

It function or the objective fundamental of the circuit closed of television is watch certain spaces that can be public or private for keep and take care of the security of them facilities, prevent it activity illegal in homes and companies, protect belongings, deter to them aggressors to the feel is monitored and, above all protect it security and the welfare of them individuals of assaults physical or of attacks anti-social.

Meaning of CCTV 1

Professional CCTV for Demanding Customers

Analog Or Analog HD Or IP Pure

On the basis that any of these technologies are suitable for any environment (more or less professional), it is true that according to the type of end-usersome technologies of security camera systems are more appropriate than others.

Aside from traditional analogue systems (which are practically obsolete) it being migrated gradually to analog HD systems prior to the IP CCTV.

We call analog HD on all those systems that make use of the existing coaxial wiring but with full hd resolution. To make use of this technology it is necessary to have compatible hardware, both the surveillance cameras and DVR should be analog HD.

As always, happens to every manufacturer has opted for its own technology and arose different names to reference them.Perhaps you’ve seen names like TVI HD/CVI/SDI, as well, all of them refer to the analogue high-definition. Despite being of different manufacturers, available in the market hardware capable of adapting to 3 technologies simply by changing an option in the setup menus.

Meaning of CCTV 2

Installed As Analog, It Looks Like The IP

While this statement is true, there are some nuances that we will clarify in the end point of this entry. It is necessary to rinse them since professional CCTV systems IP camerasoffer more than just a high quality at a high price. We don’t want to say that analogue and does not serve, nor much less, in fact 70 per cent of our facilities are of this type because it is simply more than enough with them. This is so mainly the costs that supposes an IP installation front an analog.

It is vital that not kill flies to Cannon and find the right product for each situation.

Who Are The CCTV Targeted Professional?

We can pigeonhole the Analog HD for more generalist facilities and IP for professional environments or demanding customers facilities. Like everything in life there are exceptions that will make you decant for an IP-based system but in principle you were a candidate for analog.

When we say that it is for demanding customers or more professionals, we refer to that customer that knows exactly what you need, or customer with a purchasing power half you don’t want to skimp on the safety of your home and loved ones. Simply someone who wants the best in video surveillance regardless of the cost.

IP systems seem to us ideals in port facilities, airports, stadiums as well as single-family homes.

Meaning of CCTV 3

High-Performance Safety

What added value contribute the security cameras and recorders IP? For the cost of an IP camera, you will get the following benefits:

You handle resolutions up to 8 k. 1, 2, 3, 5 and up to 29 megapixel cameras.

Best finishes and most robust hardware.

Possibility of zooms up to now impossible with analog cameras.

Advanced video analysis. Reading license plates, counts, tracking, facial recognition, self-learning.

Ability to cover the same areas with least amount of cameras. Thanks to its optical and the latest technological advances.

When it comes from renowned brands offer an exclusive technical support. Most common firmware updates, software professional and advanced. They offer advanced calculations and measurements.

It is the IP systems where the best manufacturers invest its efforts and money. Using its full potential in the latest technology available to go leaving analogue systems.

Meaning of CCTV 4

Real Example Of Surveillance With IP Cameras

Better where are all these advantages is a real example. It is the case of our last customer, who wants to watch your House and its plot with professional equipment. These projects should count with the supported by world-class manufacturers, such asBosch, Axis, Mobotix, Vivotek, Brickcom Lilin or similar. On this occasion we have chosen by Avigilon for the realization of this installation.

Concrete, it’s a House of 180 m 2 on a plot of 400 m 2, you choose to install a HD Appliance 8 ports and 5 ip cameras 3 Mpx located on mast of 3 meters, all with optical varifocal 3-9 mm (f1/3) and 9-22 mm (f1/6), WDR and go.


This customer can enjoy with Avigilon, among others the following functionalities:

Software Avigilon Control Center (ACC) which offers image clarity unprecedented managing the bandwidth and storage effectively thanks to the High Definition Stream Management (MSDS). It can also pre installed and configured in an NVR device Avigilon HD Video Appliance or operate as independent software. Ultimately a software with professional-level reliability.

ACC available in 3 versions, so you don’t pay for features you will never use.

Meaning of CCTV 5

Cameras with Light Catcher for environments of low lighting, dynamic ultra wide range of triple exposure, scene mode inactive to reduce storage.

Analysis of self-study based on patterns and examples.Directly embedded in cameras and without the need for additional servers.

Example display of faces using zoom depending on the distance

Contact us and with the level of your home or business, you design the project to measure.

Then you leave the Analytics of Video IP Bullet camera HD Video Appliance Software ACC Avigilon if want more information about their systems.