Maternity Formal Wear Dresses

Celebrations and ceremonies are always pleasant events, even during pregnancy, but create some discomfort regarding the choice of suitable attire. During pregnancy, the expectant mother’s body undergoes important transformations can strongly influence the choice of an evening gown or formal. When the belly is clearly visible and the breast and flanks are heavily rounded and hindquarters must pay particular attention to the ceremonial dress to wear.

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It is not said, however, that this dress should hide all roundness. Some can be left visible, like the neckline or the bump itself, ranging only covered and covered with soft fabrics, silky, but above all comfortable, both for mother and child that is carrying. The choice of the dresses for maternity can be made with long dresses or shorts above the knee. The choice of the model depends not only on personal taste, but also physical conditions during pregnancy.

Women with severe swelling in legs and ankles should prefer only long dresses, while the lucky ones who manage to maintain healthy and beautiful legs during pregnancy can also opt for the short dresses. Either long or short, maternity dresses always have one thing in common: the convenience in the waist. Usually it is high-waisted dresses and Imperial-style or “Josephine Bonaparte”, so to speak. At the time of Napoleon’s sister, in fact, all the fancy clothes and gifts were made with a high waist. Today, this style is no longer used and is reserved only for pregnant women.


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The high-waisted dress, not clenching on the abdomen, reset the risk of exerting pressure on the child. The high life with a certain ease of movement to the new mother. Pregnant women with nice décolleté can also choose evening dresses that put him well in evidence. For weddings or baptisms, clothes too low-cut must always be accompanied by a wraparound shawl that covers both shoulders that front piece. Alternatively you can use a sophisticated shawl bolero jacket.

Dresses with jackets, jackets or bolero jacket is ideal for autumn or winter ceremonies, while summer ceremonies are preferable stoles. Maternity dress usually follows the lines and design for all special occasion dresses, then forms thin, lightweight, snug, yet comfortable and suited to a woman’s body during pregnancy.

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Maternity nursing gown models are the sun dresses with strapless or sleeveless or short or long dress, or with short sleeve, short sleeve or long sleeve. These models are also used for maternity wedding dresses. The area of the neck and the waist can also be decorated with ribbons, flyers, embroidery, fake flowers and other decorations with shiny sequins. Maternity dresses fabrics are identical to those of the other clothes and then silk, satin, tulle, taffeta, lace, organza and macramé.

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Since the skin of pregnant woman may be more delicate, we should avoid too pungent, fabrics such as lace, and prefer those silky, shaved or veiled. For maternity formal wear, but not by marriage, there are also natural cotton shirts, woven in part and part synthetics that ensure comfort, ease of movement but also a certain elegance.