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Two Neapolitan friends of Diego Maradona recovered at an auction clocks which justice kidnapped him the former Argentine star on June 6 in Naples by a debt of 31 million euros which claims it the Italian Treasury.

It’s two Rolex valued at 20,000 euros and recovered in a hard bid in a court auction, conducted at the hotel Mediterraneo in Naples, Michele Straniero and José Alberti, former player of San Lorenzo and reminded Argentine star Enrique Omar Sívori on Juventus teammate.

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“First thing we do is to travel to the Argentina to return them,” said Alberti, to recover them it disbursed 5,200 to 5,800 euros per piece and who anticipated that they want Maradona to return to Naples without having to undergo this type of embarrassment again.

“Naples and them Neapolitan you will be eternally grateful, to the point that them own agents of the guard of finance that proceeded to the kidnapping of them watches is felt badly by have that comply with the order”, added.

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The cause. The Italian tax claims Maradona a tax debt dating from the years ´80, when Maradona shone, and Napoli celebrated a golden age without precedent for the popular club of the Italian South.

The municipality of San Miguel de Tucuman last night opened a digital watch with countdown to the celebrations of the bicentennial of independence.

The “watchof the bicentennial”, located in the access to the Paseo de la Independencia and a few meters from the historic house, “it will mark how many days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining to reach July 9 and celebrate 200 years of independence,” said Mayor German Alfaro.

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“This is a way to go raising awareness to the Tucumán people and tourists visiting the province on the importance of the date. It is very important that we should not forget our history and our identity”, added the community leader during the inaugural act.

The bracelet watch has a 1.86 meters wide LED display by almost one meter high, shows the chronometer made up of nine digits in blue and is mounted on a column of three meters high approximately.