Male #02 Interview – Luh De Beauclair (Alternative Clothings)

TIME! you?:) 2nd MALE interview! and today we have a brother you’re out and about in the world of clothes, the Luh de Beauclair (aka LuhDB) owner of the brand Alternative Clothings! For those not familiar, it’s worth knowing the brand, has several legal options for the alternate style:out site.

Anyway, let’s get to it haha the male FASHION asked about the beginning of the brand, achievements and more. Here’s the interview, hope you like it:) Male Fashion: Talks Luh, okay? First of all thank you so much for granting the interview here for MALE FASHION. But come on, to start the questions today that the Alternative is a brand well known people can forget how hard it is to start, against us the first steps of the mark, as was and where you got the idea of creating it?

LuhDB: Good Color! All right here. Po guy, this mark I started with 17 years, I’ve always been very fond of design, art and music, during my learning in the area of design started putting the ideas into practice and thought about creating some custom shirts, different from what you see in the Windows around until I decided to put my ideas into practice, I took some money borrowed and did my first shirts without fear of being happy, lol … I went to a show of some friends to launch the brand, even if it’s not selling anything, I launched and disclosed the site and since then the brand began to evolve.

Male fashion: is every beginning is hard haha, but I’ve seen many people using Alternative Luh, from Rock to Rap, including myself that I was a model haha, tell us a little bit of everyone that you support, has backed or who wears the brand.

LuhDB: A strong, if not the main feature of the brand is precisely that, to be able to wear people of various styles, with a unique style, dress who doesn’t want to just wear the common, and there came many friends and partners with the brand, as Fall Dawn, Cine, Restart, Forfun , Rancore, Replace, Volk, Pollo among others, and even some international bands such as Forever the Sickest Kids and Cash Cash. From pop to rock, from rock to rap, and so on.

Male Fashion: In addition to t-shirts and sweaters, I saw that you also released a while a line of hats. Tell us, how’s the responsiveness of this piece? Already have thought of some other new product which intends to develop?

LuhDB: The receptivity of the caps was great, everything to do with the brand and our audience, came to complement the style. Yes! soon have news on air!

Male Fashion: Smarten haha and party? I’ve been to a few of you do in commemoration of the brand and are very good, tell us a little of that rolls in the Alternative Parties, already has a date for the next?

LuhDB: Thanks Po! glad you liked it, you’re home! lol … The parties are usually to celebrate some things, such as birthdays, new releases of collections, etc. And some parties are simply for the pleasure of doing party same rs. Still has no date to next, but when have I send an invitation to you and the machomoda you guys! RS

Male Fashion: Once again many thanks Luh, would like you to leave a message for guys that accompanies the male fashion and for those who do not know the brand yet.

LuhDB: thank you the invitation! Well, for those who do not know and identified with a bit of what I said here goes on there site to meet, follow us on social networks, that if you liked it’ll surely enjoy all new features that are coming too! And a save for those who already wear and attached!hehe  is nois and congratulations for the blog! let’s you!