Makeup Trends Autumn / Winter 2015/2016

We arrived in September, it is now time to renew the cosmetic bag makeup following the fall makeup trends winter 2015/2016. Let’s see what will be the beauty trends! Next season starring two styles in contrast, there are no half measures … all or nothing: on the one hand there is the nude look, the other graphics tricks and processed.

Makeup trends Autumn / Winter 2015/2016 Nude Vs Makeup Chart

Natural make-up will focus on the implementation of the base to be fresh and bright, much mascara to emphasize the look, a light line of black pencil and lipstick strictly declined in all shades bare; Dior adds a feminine touch with a hint of fish eye shadow. The pink eye shadow will again be the star of numerous blades, as well as the warm colors of the earth. In this case, the finish will be almost exclusively mat. For next season, the summer never seems to end, lands and bronzer will help us to have a complexion glow and sun-kissed.

Eye liner graphics, thick lines, almost smudged in a workmanlike manner will make the eyes of real women and their works of art, without forgetting the eye liner line par excellence the “cat eye”. Quest ‘summer we have seen many fake tattoos to apply on arms and feet, autumn winter 2015/2016 transfers them on the face, near the eyelid to continuation of lines created with the eye liner. The makeup also sees graphic stripes and dots drawn on the eyes.

Masculine eyebrows, eyelashes to Twiggy and metallic eye shadows
The eyebrows will be more thick, more dark and defined almost androgynous, impossible not to remember those of Cara Delevingne; to obtain this effect indispensable the use of darker pencils of some tone compared to its natural color; while the long eyelashes, very black, thick and uniforms evoke the Sixties inspired by, one of the first super models of the time, because the famous fashion designer Mary Quant ehuacom.comentrusted her with the task of wearing the first miniskirt. The return of the false eyelashes to wear both above and below, or to insert the end of the eyes to make him look more intense.

In the evening dresses in metallic sheen, metallic eye shadow, gold, silver, purple and black will be essential to achieve intended for makeup does not go unnoticed. Shower of glitter on the eyelids with a contrasting base and nude lips. Also for this year ‘, among the makeup trends Autumn / Winter 2015/2016, we find the timeless smokey eyes, sexy and never out of fashion.

And after seeing the eyes of the makeup trends let us see what are the trends lips and nails for this Fall / Winter …

Lips: from red to black

The lips will be another key element to the looks of the coming season, the green light to red lipsticks combined with not overly made-up eyes, the cranberry and shades of burgundy indispensable for all the beauty addicted, many lipsticks from the dark shades like brown, marsala wine, chocolate and black color to match with your bare eyes and mat; for those wishing to venture here the shadows lips made ​​with a darker pencil on the outside of the lips and a lighter shade in the center to create a gradient effect. Back to also be in vogue nude gloss to give volume and firmness to the lips.

Nails & CO

What shall we wear on nails ? One of the must-have colors will definitely be the dark gray, with all shades of purple and olive green, with regard to nail art we find, even in this case the inspiration seventies geometries, to warm the cold winter days ahead a two-tone nails all completely different one from ‘other. A large number of gold and silver glazes that create a mirror effect, as every year there will be red and nude tones.
The finish for autumn winter 2015/2016 will be mostly matte and brillant i, the almond shape again gives way to the square nails. The French manicure will live a second youth.
I have already chosen what will my makeup trends Autumn / Winter 2015/2016 favorite and you in which makeup will be reflected?