Makeup Tips to Make Small Eyes

Tips on How to Make a Makeup to Make Your Eyes Small

Many women like and always want to be well-made for any occasion, the most used makeup today are the makeup to make the eyes small, the makeup tips to leave small eyes will help you look even more beautiful and elegant with the make-up and always have a different makeup for any occasion be it bar, restaurant, ballad, or even family party, you should always be with a very beautiful and elegant makeup, the makeup tips to let the little eyes will help you stay chic with makeup.

The makeup tips to make the eyes small are many with many different makeup styles and models, the makeup needs first, always be well done, see the step by step makeup tips to make the eyes small.

For small-eyed women, the tip is to choose three shade shades, two lighter shades and the darker third with matching shades, separate two shade brushes, the eyelash curler, and the mascara for eyelashes. The lighter shade will have the function of illuminating the small eyes, so start by applying it across the entire line of the eyebrow, then with the help of the brush apply the intermediate shade over the full extent of the movable eyelid, so get a brush of firm bristles and mark the concave of the eyes with the dark shadow, apply that same shadow on the outer corner of the eyelid, close to the eyelashes, slightly faint. To finish apply the curvature, the mascara will abuse enough, important, for small eyes the black pencil used in the water line is not indicated, because it tends to diminish the eyes, making them even smaller and less expressive, an option are the pencils white or beige that will give more dimension to the eyes.

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