Makeup Tips to Make Eyes Round

Tips on how to do a makeup to make your eyes round

Many women always want to be in the makeup always elegant and beautiful plus the makeup that are most used today are the makeup to leave the eyes round, many women always want to come out with different make-ups, each occasion use a different makeup tips Make-up to leave the eyes round will help you look even more beautiful and elegant, because a well-made makeup is part of the look too so stay tuned in the makeup tips to make your eyes round and start doing it at home.

The makeup tips from health-beauty-guides to make the eyes round are many with many different models and styles plus the most used makeups are those that leave the rounder eyes that make women more beautiful and elegant, see the step by step makeup tips to leave the round eyes.

Instead of using dark shadows, prefer to cover the moving eyelid with a clear and sparkling, which will give the impression that your eyes are larger. Another makeup tip for letting the eyes round is avoiding the traditional black pencil in the water line. This diminishes the eye, always. Try to swap it for a beige and you will notice the difference in time, and to give the finishing touch, a good tip is to swap the volume mask for a stretcher, which will give the impression that the eye area is larger, on the cheeks, my trick is to split the blush application into two parts. First, create a diagonal line using an opaque brown tone below the cheekbones. Enjoy and “tune” the nose by passing a little shade around each flap. Straighten well so the trait is not marked. Then finally, use a pink or coral shade, right on top of the apples.

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