Makeup for New Year Step by Step – 2015

December is almost over and you need to prepare for the great comeback! It is very important that we start the year right, we’re right with life and we samethes. and for this, nothing better than to increase self-esteem, isn’t it? Get your hair, choose the right outfit and of course, make ideal! Choose a makeup for new year super step-by-step practical and beautiful for you! Serves as much to spend on the beach, in family, in a ballad …

New year makeup step by step

  • To define the eyebrow, use the Duo of Nyx in a beveled brush and spread all over the eyebrow. After finish, pass the concealer underneath and on top, skirting the eyebrow, this will help to define it further.
  • Then pass a base across the eyelid (in this tutorial was used a clownin white), having a greater care with the inside corner of the eye. When you finish, select where the makeup is going to end. Hit everything that was done with the finger, giving some Pat.
  • Pass the white pigment in the inside corner of the eye. Then, right in the Middle, pass another pigment in a golden hue. Finally, choose a darker Golden and finish painting the eye (middle to late).
  • Choose a shadow of your preference and Brown make the concave,(d)external corner until the inside corner of the eye. Done this, blow.
  • When you finish the shadow, make the outlined. In this tutorial, the outlined of kitten.
  • Use mascara to give more prominence to the look.
  • After following all the steps, pass a little bit of makeup remover under the eyes, to clean any impurities that have stayed there.
  • Pass the base color of your skin in a circular motion and spreading well. When you’re done, pass the concealer to cover any trace of dark circles.
  • To fix her makeup, add the powder according to HBBLTD.COM.
  • Make a simple outline in the temples and to end, pass the blush, demarcating the cheekbones.
  • Apply the mask of Cilia on the underside of the eye, pass a lipstick of course and ready, you’re beautiful!