Luxury Cell Phones: the Slightly Different Ear Jewellery

Who loves jewels, would they wear every day, every second with him. What is better than to occupy the subject already constantly accompanied us, with sparkling stones: the mobile phone.

A mobile phone with diamonds may be the perfect accessory for women, more find no place on hands, ears and neckline for jewelry, but above all to put a fantastic way for men, sometimes on decorative stones.

The premium manufacturer Vertu (Incidentally, a subsidiary of Nokia according to it has made before and 10 years ago brought the first luxury phone on the market. Meanwhile, there are these valuable special editions from a variety of manufacturers, even Apple and Sony Ericsson offer corresponding versions.

A Vertu Signature Diamond is to have, for example, for 62,000 euros. It has a ceramic version of leather and is lined with diamonds. For a Sony Ericsson Black Diamond, however, you must pay already 211,000 euros. It has a titanium case with diamonds and not even so valuable looks like it actually.

If you prefer something more prominent, is also at Vertu find it. The signature Cobra has an impressive, consisting of Red emeralds and rubies snake, which defended the valuable communication device. Cost: 220,000 euros.

Who all is yet not extravagant enough, which can turn away from mainstream products and individually occupy his cell phone with jewels. A British jeweller is focused to provide technical equipment with the appropriate bling. Even cars, yachts, even aquariums are not safe from him he turns everything in scintillating status symbols. There you prides himself also to sell the most expensive phone in the world, it is an iPhone 3Gs in Platinum, studded with 130 0, 75ct. Diamonds and 4 pink, 2.5 ct. Baguette cut diamonds. The navigation button is a single, 7-carat diamond. Accordingly, the piece will cost then also equivalent of 2.2 million euros.

Only the sentence “diamonds are forever” is in this case not quite: average get mobile models annually a new version treats – bringing the jewels-phone is obsolete.

Who is now on the taste, and also his very unique phone, iPad or would have even notebook: also RENÉSIM designs and manufactures fine custom made any kind of course for you.