Lowa Ferrox GTX Shoe Mens

A product review to the Ferrox GTX women’s model already conducted e-commerce by women. Here you will find the supplementary opinion of our product tester and McTREK Manager’s, Thomas Winkelmann to Ferrox GTX mens model. Both tests together yield a double test from female and male perspective, women wander the finally different. Men also! Learn more here…

Test of the LOWA Ferrox GTX Lo men

The LOWA Ferrox Yes completely convinced the esteemed colleague Marion fare. And after reading your test report we men can be just happy that it is the Ferrox a shoe – and not Marion steel hiking or whale King partner of flesh and blood.

Otherwise, the pressing issue in the region, which exploits we need to accomplish to get also such kudos from the women’s world would be for us men. (Quote: “… is an absolute Multitalent for active women.”)

Because I’m the answers that have invaded me personally, sure none of whether they could cause the colleague to a similarly positive verdict, I tried first of all to make your own impression of this shoe to me.

I have been so the Mr version of Ferrox GTX closer look under the microscope and wanted to see if the shoe is now only a “womanizer”, or whether he can impress even man feet according to justinshoes.net.

As an introduction I would like to raise the question but first like to:

Do you know who was Wagner?

Now, you will now think as readers (or reader – if any for this part of the test at all) was called with the given name Richard Wagner and was a famous German composer, who was born in little more than 200 years ago and created legendary works like “Der Ring des Nibelungen”.

Yes, that’s as far right – but there was still more (if not quite as well known) Wagner. For example, the Lorenz Wagner!

Lorenz Wagner and the LOWA brand

This Lorenz Wagner was born in 1893, as one of several sons in a upper Bavarian family of shoemakers. Than 30 years, he founded the company LOWA (LOrenz WAgner) in 1923 in his birthplace Jetzendorf in the district Pfaffenhofen the and began with the production of traditional double-stitched Brogues. Since that time, Jetzendorf (and the in the meantime added manufacturing facilities in four other European countries) to successfully maintain the high art of shoemaking and provides with the experience of more than 90 years of shoe construction, a collection of shoes and boots for outdoor use, provided by the high alpine terrain, on the dusty Trek up to the paving of the metropolises dominate any terrain. (With the exception of the red carpet at the festive opening of the Opera Festival. There’s no patent leather shoes or pumps in the program yet!)

Exactly 90 years after incorporation, i.e. 2013, LOWA produced for the first time more than 2.0 million pairs of shoes! 10 years ago there were only “modest” 350,000. That would have probably never imagined Wagner Lorenz.

The range of Ferrox

The Ferrox by LOWA is in the category of “all terrain sport” classified and has its main field of application between the sporty-casual and light shoes for the trip or the city (travel) and the lightweight hiking boots for moderate hikes in mountainous or Alpine regions. By the way: This so popular today to the right, simple and versatile shoe genus of Iowa called today “All Terrain Collection”, didn’t exist before it was developed in Jetzendorf mid-1990s.

The Ferrox is therefore something like a sport shoe for outdoor use. Suitable for dynamic activities, requiring a fast pace and stability, under the open sky and natural floor coverings (meadow, forest floor, stone, gravel etc.) take place.

Because I personally prefer in moderate regions, not to be noticed by an excessive noise and “Klapperei” while hiking, a test of the shoes by Nordic was no walking for me question. Instead, I’m moved the Ferrox in my home areas such as on the “High mark climbing” with quick walks or climbing mountains of my precinct, the stockpile hillsto tackle. I could handle that just yet without trekking poles.

The fit and feel of carrying

Where the Ferrox takes its name, I can not explain. Should he named iron after the Latin Ferrum so be, then the name is nonsense thank God. Because he is not an iron hardness! I felt very comfortable and easy-grip at first clean hatching and since then feel comfortable in this shoe!

His elaborately designed sole construction gives me a well-damped (but have not dampened, like make models of U.S. manufacturers) and stable performance with enough torsional strength. Be made of synthetic fabric combined with a Gore-Tex® diaphragm fabricated shaft gives good hold me (I’m only with light Pack on the way.) and provides a dry foot.

Here the immense craftsmanship of the shoe maker in Jetzendorf and colleagues at the Slovak plant, where most shoes which are mounted “All Terrain Collection” pays off! The shoe fits like a “glove”, and it feels as comfortable as a slipper.

Invade which described in detail the “female”part of this double test technical refinements that LOWA has become at the whole structure of the shoe can be, in conjunction with its excellent fit in the can “men BB´s version” rate only with the full number of points.


LOWA can his experience in hiking and mountaineering boot construction also in the category ‘ outdoor sports “play out.

Of course, you realize the Ferrox, that he comes from the hand of a traditional outdoor Shoemaker and was not designed by a shoe manufacturer. You would have made it easier for him may be a few grams and more (neon) color.

He is despite his explanatory name (“Garmisch” shoes and sports shoes “Rome” were formerly) and the fact that model with higher shaft doesn’t exist as a mid cut, for use in the Alpine area the “vie ferrate”, thought the iron ways, so the climbing routes. It is too easy and lacks the rigidity necessary for such operations.

Rather, he carries the genes of a light wanderstiefels in the Gallery of his NXT is sole and he for sports outdoor activities (Iowa index 5) designed. For this, he is pretty stable and has a passenger profiling with a relatively high proportion of positive. The selected sole rubbers and damping elements combined with the material of the shaft is harmonious and pleasantly balanced.

A shoe, I like to run. And can only recommend the male readers: “Get him out of the box”!

Whether he is right also considered “absolute multi-talent for active women”, is on the women’s claims and in the eye of each observer and wearer.
And, so judge eludes my knowledge (naturally and envy).

By the way: One (!) reasonably good ticket for Wagner’s heroic Opera “Siegfried” is 280. € in Bayreuth regularly and brings you 4 hours (music) enjoy. For the same money you get two pair “Ferrox” from the House of Wagner with us. For many, many hours walking and hiking fun.

One for Brünnhilde and one for their Siegfried.

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