Long Dress Guide

The long gown is one of the most cherished pieces among Brazilian women.Maybe because he has a trim lightweight and unique charm, letting the charming production ever. Or maybe because it’s a comfortable and elegant, ideal for who doesn’t open the practicality and good taste. But whatever the reason that makes the dress be a national passion, one thing is certain: he is awesome in any season of the year!

In today’s post we will explore the wintry side of this piece and show that it is possible to use long gown in winter.

Step 1: Choose The Long Gown

On cold days, the ideal is to choose more full-bodied and warm fabrics. Also give preference to the sober and prints with dark shades, they match this season! But of course, this does not prevent you to use flashy dresses of summer from a2zdirectory.org! Abuse of pantyhose and overlays to keep the look warm and “break” the colored prints with dark items.

Step 2: Overlays

After choosing the dress, think of combinations that will leave the heated look: jackets, coats, cardigans or kimonos. The most daring can adhere to t-shirts underneath the dress, a trend that stood out this season.

Step 3: On Your Feet

Closed shoes are always an excellent choice! They keep your feet warm and can be combined freely with the long dresses. Another option are the shoes and sneakers, which leave the visually well stripped and casual.

You also have some tip to use pieces of summer in the winter? Share with us here in the comments.