List of Women’s Shoes Are Essential For a Good Closet

It is very easy to get lost on so many launches and trends.

Many women can’t choose those fundamental shoes that will help compose looks from a number of occasions.

The result of this is that for many it seems that there is a shoe available, which fits into the visual. There’s always the desire for a beautiful feminine shoe. If you have the right shoes in your closet, will be able to use them at all times, without the need of a new pair.

Just as there is basic parts the female wardrobe, there are those women’s shoes. You will see that you don’t need a closet full of shoes to have the perfect shoes!

Many guides sets already elected peers. In the book “the essential”, Costanza Pascolato, in the part which deals with the accessories, the shoes indispensable that she chooses are: high-heeled closed shoes, sneaker, low heel sandal, boot mount type of classical low heel, loafer and sandal.

In light of this guide, the site I LOVE SHOES created your own list of essential women’s shoes! The basic shoes of any closet!

Escarpim black

Is the “little black dress” of the shoes! The most versatile of all social shoe. The black escarpim changes entirely visual. And don’t think that looks good only with formal wear. Look a bit more chic in look with jeans. The suggestion is to buy a very basic model (without decorations). That way, you can use it for a long time, on several occasions and with different clothes. Choose the size of jump that you can handle!

Casual Sandals (sandals or tiny heel)

The Brazil match casual sandals. Trailing or small heel, this type of footwear is excellent for a light day, informal, very hot. Place comfort at your feet!

Party jump (sandals, peep toe, half leg or other)

The Party considered more chic shoe is the shoe with heel and thin sole in front (without half a paw). Allows the diversity of fashion footwear. So, you can use peep toe party, half leg or any other footwear with the party’s proposal. Love SHOES recommends using your favorite model. Remember that the important thing is to choose the most versatile footwear possible. So, choose a classic style or in satin or, even, with festive applications. Need not necessarily be a shoe shining. Depending on, a nude shoe can fit the Jubilee!

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The only regret is that the shoe market practically excludes ladies and orthopedic shoe category. There are many options of party shoes comfortable and that actually work. It’s a shame! But, we still have hope of appeal to diversity!


This is one of the shoes that can unite well comfort and casual elegance. A pair is the one that allows versatility. Choose flats without excessive details. Neutral colors allow more compositions. The sneaker is a neutral fun and contemporary.

Classic boot

Is the perfect solution for when the temperature drops. The jackboot with low heel is the more classic style (riding type). This option is more timeless. You can also find other proposals (with jump, different heights of pipe) that can fit well with various clothes. The black leather boot is certainly more elegant and easier to match!


Everyone needs to do a physical activity. And even good old walking. That’s why tennis is an essential shoe in a woman’s life. And, in addition to physical exercise, it is always great to have a casual sneakers in the closet. That kind of tennis adds color to the casual style and visual. The all star converse and Keds are the preferred choices of many!

Low or medium heel shoe

It’s always good to have a low or medium heel shoe in the closet. The height of this jump is perfect for those days you want to ensure femininity on the feet, but with a little more comfort. We recommend neutral colors!

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The most important thing is to feel good about the type of footwear. So, build your list of shoes anchored in what you like and your personality. Opt for neutral colors by combining with most colors of any look.

Feel free to share what you consider a list of essential shoes. Love SHOES is always open to new ideas.