Lingerie for All Types of Clothing

For you woman who is in doubt about which lingerie to use, see which one is best suited for your physical type.

Median height and fit body: The woman with this bio-type can use all styles, colors, materials and forms of lingerie. Corset with 7/8 stockings or a set of lingerie with a push up bra, which enhances the breasts, with underwear or string, with lace details or a transparency. Use and abuse!

High and Thin:  The pants and the long sweater are great options. Always use very feminine pieces and leave it safe. Forget the old gown. Abuse of colored and stamped parts, but avoid the vertical stripes. Give preference to light materials, such as elastic tulle. Tops, bikini, low-heeled and corset models with 7/8 socks are the most popular models. Tip: a set with a half-cup bra push-up with a string or thong panty with lace or transparencies.

Tall and Fat: Use long pieces that lengthen the silhouette and provide the idea that the woman is visually leaner. Avoid pants models with very low waistlines and very low-cut bras. Wear wide-brimmed pants to keep your hip off the mark. The shorts are a good model and look very sexy in lace. Holed pants are also good options. Prefer bras that have soft necklines and good support. Wide sides are great options for not leaving fat left over in the back. Choose parts in materials with higher strength, such as elastane and use neutral colors. Avoid large floral prints. Tip: a half-cup bra with no bubble or reducer that gives support, but that disguises the volume, a bikini model panties, which is slightly larger than the thong, which disguises the fat.

Low and Thin: Dryer and straighter pieces leave the woman visually higher. Use sleepers with jumps that help stretch the legs. Try to use small two-piece sets. Parts with lots of fabric flatten the look. Avoid T-shirts, high-cut bras, and large pants. Bet on a bra with a well cut front and thong. Look for lightweight items such as tulle and microfiber. Bet on fashion colors and prints of all kinds. Tip: A corset set or a set of lingerie with push up bra that gives volume and enhances the breasts and a string or thong panty with lace or transparency.

Low and Fat:   Avoid bulky, ruffled and ruffled pieces. Avoid making your belly a narrow strip between your bra and your panties. Wear a bra that supports the breasts, but give preference to those who are more dug in the front. On the bottom, avoid very high waist pants and large pieces. Medium-sized side and pieces in the right size not to tighten or mark the waist. The tips are: bikini, low pants or trough pants. Choose softer, softer fabrics in soft colors and small prints. Tip: a bikini panties and a volume reducing bra with transparency.