Leisure Launches Line of Helmets Exclusive for the Female Audience

The Belgian manufacturer Lazer is launching a new collection of helmets geared specifically for cyclists.    This is the Moi! Line, which combines design and graphics more to the liking of the female audience, with a new exclusive retention system that makes it easy to use with braided hairstyles or ponytails.

The new collection is composed of 8 models, whose top of the line is the Cosmo helmet. It is a road model that incorporates the latest technology from the manufacturer, such as the T-Pro system, which offers greater protection in the area of ​​the temples and the Aeroshel, a detachable cover that increases the aerodynamics of the helmet.

Just below the Cosmo model we have Grace, available in three color combinations. It is a road model with 19 openings for ventilation and an exclusive adjustment system that can be used with just one hand.

Still in the follow of road cycling we have the recreational models Monroe and Elle, with characteristics similar to the models top of line, but with more accessible prices.

Among the models for use in mountain biking, stands the Jane model, with removable front flap and two color options.

The collection also includes the Lara and Kiss(MTB) models and the Summer recreational model.

According to the manufacturer, the new collection of women’s helmets Lazer Moi! Should be available on the world market this semester.

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