Latam Announces that Per Checked Bag on Domestic Flights

As of March 14, airlines will be authorized to charge passengers for suitcases, according to ANAC regulations.

The Gol had already informed, in a statement, that”will have a cheaper fare class for those customers who are not the baggage and separately offer the option to purchase a franchise to be calculated per unit, according to the dimensions and weight stipulated… The The first will be cheaper than the second, which will be cheaper than the third. And so on”. However, Gol has not yet reported the price list.

Now it is the turn of Latam to announce that it will collect the baggage for the baggage dispatched on domestic flights. On flights within South America, the company says it will charge only for the second checked bag via Aviationopedia, weighing up to 23 kilos. For international flights, the passenger will not have to pay for anything if he dispatches two bags with the limit of 23 kilos each.

In an official statement, the company Latam informs that”in this sense, some services that have always been charged for all passengers will be optional.” According to the company, this action could cause airline tickets to reduce prices by up to 20% by 2020, since travelers will have the chance to pay only what they need.

Table of prices of bags despatched by Latam

The company has published a table with the prices that it intends to practice. The amount varies according to the weight of the luggage and the final destination, but we can prepare to pay up to R $ 200 on a domestic flight, according to the table. For flights through South America and international, the amount charged is in US dollars.

In the first months, the company will dispatch a luggage of up to 23 kilos for free and will only collect the second bag on domestic flights and in South America. According to Latam president Claudia Sender, in an interview with the G1 news portal , This table is an initial charge for passengers to get accustomed to this new model, until everyone understands how this”new way to fly” will work.

What did you think of these values? Ok or higher than expected? Leave your comments! Now, it remains to be seen whether these rates will actually go down…