Lampiao Solar Led Flashlight Rechargeable Camp Hw-5800t

Ideal for any type of lighting or interior and exterior decoration, this economical and practical lamp can have numerous utilities such as.

For use on trips such as emergency light inside the car, security light in your home, lamp, signaling light, table lamp, camping etc.

Leave the décor of your environment more elegant with the beauty, simplicity and designer of the modern portable solar light.

Charging time by Power: 4 to 5 hours

– Charging time by the sun: 8 to 10 hours

– LED life: 100,000 hours

Just open it to light it and the light will light, illuminating the room with a strong white light. Made up of six high power LEDs, the lighting is strong and guaranteed.

In addition to Contain Two Lighting Options, one upper and one lower which features a Super Powerful Led. Use in your Camp, in your home or even in an emergency

The 6 LEDs have low power consumption, high brightness and long service life.

When the light becomes weak during use, it means that the charge is low, just charge by solar means or in the socket

Your handles can be lowered and suspended

To Operate Simply open (pulling up) that the light will turn on automatically, to turn off, just close the lamp it will turn off.


-Do not point the light to the eyes as this may cause damage to the eyesight.

-Use by children should be supervised by an adult.

-Keep away from rain and moisture

Items Included:

1 Retractable led lamp

1 Recharge cable


Open: 19cm/Closed 13cm

Diameter: 8cm

New product

30 Day Warranty

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