Lacquer Shoes, Ethno Patterns and Halloween Jewelry

Who has captured here with whom? Red, Cognac, and Camel are not only good in the mango advertising(blouse and boots: vintage, trousers: Asos).

And another double: The ornate ethno boots from the hippie market in Ibiza harmonize perfectly with the clothes from the collection”Good Morning Miss Obama” by young designer Parsival Cserer.

Pretty stitch: fashionistesswoman Mareike Diettrich provided her cream-colored knitted sweater with neon accents for a look at the office(Urban Outfitters ).

This is how beautiful Halloween can be: The golden jewelery of Sabrina Dehoff made a stop in our props. Our favorite: the golden pumpkin!

Perfect mix of models: Deputy fashion designer Anne Petersen wears a fake fur jacket with Leoprint(H&M), a patterned blouse(Stefanel) and a brown pleated waistband(Zara). Right: Soon it will be time. From November 23, the Lanvin collection will be available for H&M in the shops – our invitation is already waiting for their use.

Modenschau mal anders: We recently introduced a new swimwear to a synchronized swimmer. We like!

Key to the heart? Modepraktikantin Franziska has her sky blue blazer with pagoda shoulders from the Berlin label EIGHT. She discovered the fairytale key at H&M.

The new shoes of fashion assistant Mareike Diettrich(Atilio Giusti Leombruni), as well as the table decoration of their desk neighbors, look as lacquered.Big letters, spring flowers and heart muffins have gathered at her.

Cat Eye eyewear wants to conquer the fashion world – whether we will be there with you?(Models: Fielmann) Links: Mood pictures for inspiration.