Kyago Tests How Fast Your Cell Phone is Really

You think your phone is fast? Where high speed is available on it, is not always high speed! The speed test app Kyago tells you the truth about the speed of your mobile phone. Want to know how fast your cell phone on the Internet is actually on the way? Here you can find out more!

Your Mobile Phone is So Fast

The sense of speed is usually relative – that is often particularly noticeable if you read advertisements that promise “High-speed surfing”. It not so far is often produced namely with the high speed, if you go with your mobile phone to the Internet.

Who wants to know how fast his mobile is really, for the app Kyago is recommended. Kyago has been developed both Android and Apple smartphones. Kyago testing sent data packets, how fast the Smartphone on the mobile Internet is on the way. Using the sent data packets, Kyago can determine how long to take the data to be exchanged between the mobile phone and the server. Users of the app Kyago can be then displayed on a map, they themselves must only set how much bandwidth they have ordered from their provider, Kyago will do the rest.

Kyago can do even more: all those who install the app Kyago on their Smartphone, support also a study on the measurement of power quality in Germany. Zafaco, the company that has manufactured the Kyago collects the data (for example the whereabouts, the connection technology and the speed), providing the user and ensures they anonymized on German servers. Within a few months, Zafaco will then evaluate the results and publish. Thus, the Sai would then have an end and you know where you how fast are indeed with any provider in the Internet.

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