Knitted Coats

Knitted coats sweater coat – a trend that fortunately does not pass. Quite the contrary! Meanwhile, they keep at the top of the autumn coats. We love the cuddly, warm material and the great models for the middle of the season. What coat is right for you? Find it out!

The shape of the coat

Knit coats are available in numerous versions. These vary not only the colours, but also the styles and cuts. This year, those who do not have a button bar have and instead may be subject are particularly popular. These models, the female figure is very elegant brought through the loop on the hip to advantage. The Blazer jacket is just as exciting as this is very similar to the classic Blazer in its form, but long cut. The collar of the Blazer jacket looks especially great and this coat shape suitable for serious, as well as for festive and elegant looks. The breasted, which has two rows of button is considered a classic under the coats as before. He stressed in particular the curves above the abdomen. Also popular are the O – and H-lines, which are ideal for an oversized look!

The styles

In the colors of Brown, black and grey, the classic is always a good choice. Docth also brighter colours such as beige or white and pastel tones are always popular and make great carry even in the spring. If you’re brave and cool like it, you can access also to the patterned variation. A sweater coat with hood or an occupied fur collar is casual. Coat warms you and if the knitted jacket is lined, you need no other jacket to cover.

Knitted coats combine

Easy is to create a great look with a sweater coat! Pants, clothing Dor rock – just everything is possible. Overkneestiefel stylish look extreem to do so, but also in the choice of the shoes are no limits of imagination. Let’s try it with sneakers! For this purpose a great bag, scarf an exciting and maybe even a hat and your look is complete in the blink of an eye!