Kindle Fire Can Outperform Ipad Sales

For almost two years much has been said about the “killers” of the iPad.But even after the launch of dozens of devices, Apple’s tablet leadership remains unabated.The main reason, aside from the quality and price of the iPad, is the amount of apps available for Apple’s iOS operating system.

Thus, it is not just coincidence the iPad’s leadership in this market.While the Apple store offers more than 110,000 applications, the Amazon store does not exceed 10 thousand.

Even so, these 10,000 are far more than the number of applications available in the Android store (which do not reach the thousand).

Amazon has sales losses

Here at, although Apple has never disclosed its profit margin in the marketing of the iPad always bet that it would be minimal, or none at all.

That’s because it always seemed obvious to me that Apple should make a lot more profit in selling apps than in selling devices.

This logic is now being proven by Amazon.According to the US consulting firm iSuppli each manufactured Kindle Fire leaves a “loss” of $ 2 for the company.

A “loss” totally offset by the sale of movies and books.

Price: item that can set the lead

It is speculated that 5 million Kindle Fire should be marketed by the end of 2011.

Amazon is betting on $ 199 as the primary buyer, especially among consumers who will buy their first tablet (according to ChangeWave’s survey of 2,600 consumers to quantify demand for the Amazon tablet).

But despite being sold for a tempting price the Kindle Fire still needs to show that it delivers the resources the consumer orders.

For those who have the iPad 2 as a parameter, the Amazon device may disappoint.

It’s good to remember that the Kindle Fire does not have direct access to the Android store.That is, it is much more tied to US users, English-language book readers and on-demand video enthusiasts.