Joker Parts Tips for Your Wardrobe

Always in wardrobe pieces scatter symbols is to make sure you never get caught by surprise when a special occasion or that wasn’t in their plans. Unexpected situations such as new job interviews, festivals and events, can be easily bypassed when you have in your closet right parts that, timeless and versatile, allows numerous combinations of styles and productions. See below tips of parts that should never leave the wild in your closet!


Be social and tailoring, denim, straight, skinny, skinny or wide capri pants fall well with all kinds of sweaters and accessories, simply combine them according to the occasion. Opt for dark pants, black or even grey lead and beige, which are ideal for working environments. Versatile, they fit in looks ranging from formal to the more detached. They can be combined, for example, with basic t-shirts and all star, with a shirt and pumps, with a silk blouse and boots etc. In addition to accepting any kind of color, prints and accessories.

-Knee black skirt:

Classic and elegant, this type of skirt will work to ballad with very easily. It can be found in several models: pencil, Tulip, in the, tailoring Department, anyway, just choose the model that best fit your body type. The black skirt can also be an excellent choice to replace the pants, what gives a touch of femininity to the look.

Can be combined with various models of shoes and, for the colder days, are overlapping the beautiful stockings. In addition to combine with almost all kinds of shirts and blouses, since for the work, as noble fabrics like crepe blouses, silk or satin, ideal for events and parties.

-Basic Sweaters all colors:

Key, basic blouses are indispensable items in the female wardrobe, because combine with clothes that have the most different materials, patterns and details like glitter, studs, boss etc. They can be combined under blazers, vests, jackets, sweaters and cardigans or under more transparent fabrics shirt. Choose blouses more adjusted – for use under other clothes-and preferably with square or round neckline. Have in the closet at least one white and one black, who may be without, like race, with mango t-shirt (baby look), or long sleeve or Ride, that allow combinations of looks more sophisticated and wintry.


Always have your hand a well-cut blazer and quality makes any woman ready for any occasion. Lifeguards of all wardrobe. the blazer looks good with almost all parts: on top of dresses, with a basic t-shirt and jeans, with slacks, skirt, short or long, with shorts or bermudas, for more cool visuals, depending on the style and the occasion to propose. To make the perfect choice, opt for blazers in black, lead or marine environment.

-“It” Bag:

A beautiful and classic bag is one of the leading women Cabinet wildcard. For this, she should be more discreet and neutral colors, like black, dark brown, Navy Blue or caramel, which suited with everything and at all times. Invest in leather bags, without many details and more structured, ranging from work at happy hour without problems, and even combine with any color shoe and accessories.