Jersey – Island in the English Channel (Hiking Magazine, Issue: 181)

Michael Sänger of the walking magazine on the sunniest island of great of Britain, Jersey, the island with many faces, famous for its impressive hiking landscapes and culinary delights takes us in this post. Learn more here…

Jersey milk and honey island

A dream. Where wine, milk and honey flow. While only eight kilometres wide and 14.5 kilometers long. Caressed by the Sun, caressed by the warm Gulf stream – a Spring Island. Island of culinary delights, the variety of hiking and history. I think of Claude Debussy’s famous piano work L ‘ Isle JOYEUSE, that he wrote in 1904 in Jersey and in which he played on the sunniest of all British Isles. I think Victor Hugo as anno 1852 absorbed and dreaming in “Le Dicq” sits in thoughts and looks on the sea, as he walked the Valley through Queens and listens to the Orchestra of songbirds. So beautiful!

It’s been over 10,000 years that the Norman Island in the English Channel lost the contact with the Mainland by rising sea levels. While the French Normandy coast is closer than those of the British Isles. Remains little of both: “very british” and French savoir-vivre.

The five faces of the island

The scenic variety of 118 square kilometer small island is fascinating. The North Coast is the wildest part. The steep cliffs with their mysterious caves, are overgrown by fern, purpurfarbenem Heather and sunny yellow broom and provide the backdrop for some of the most beautiful bays of the island, such as the Plémont, the Grève de Lecq and Bouley Bay. The coastal footpaths meander up and down to coves and ports – is a delight to wander here. There is the West Coast almost exclusively from the endless sandy beach of St. Ouen Bay, to the vast dunes of Les Blanches Banques and Les Milles to join – a refuge for rare plants and animals.

On the South Coast Bay with its shallow sandy beach, the picturesque fishing port of St. Aubin, and the lively Island hauptstädtchen St. Helier Curl’s picturesque coves such as the Beauport, Portelet and the St. Brelade.

The East Coast is closest to Normandy. At low tide, this stretch of coast is extremely dry and the exposed reefs turn the region into a true lunar landscape. On specially designed “Moonwalks” you can walk on foot to old defence towers and explore the amazing animal -, plant – and marine worlds.

The coastline includes the Royal Bay with the pretty harbour of Gorey, the mighty Mont Orgueil Castle perched above the. In turn, the Interior of the island is characterized by small hamlets, magnificent mansions, gentle valleys, forests, pastures and small hedge-lined fields. Here grows the Jersey Royals, Jersey famous export products. Small new potatoes, whose special Geschmack goes back to the mineral-rich soil and fertilizing the fields with seaweed. The forests can be found mainly in the valleys, which provides Habitat for the rich bird life.

Wine, gin, vodka, brandy

It is the proximity to France and the British roots had gives Jersey the best of two cultures. Four of the many young ambitious leaders of island cooking with Michelin star. It is wine grown, beer brewed, burnt Gin and vodka and brandy distilled. The incredible tidal difference of up to twelve meters fresh water ideal for finest lobster, crabs, fresh fish and the best oysters delivers far and wide. And the velvety Brown sanftäugigen Jersey cows are suppliers of creamy milk products. Jersey has something of a land.

Year-round climate, Frost is unknown as well as on Jersey during the winter months, ensures a überbordene of flowers. Kamelien-, Dragon trees and palm trees give the island a Mediterranean flair.

Wild orchids grow in the dunes and the cliff paths are surrounded by trellises of Cowslips, red and white Lichtnelken. The island in a veritable sea of flowers enchanted flower decorations, pots and flower beds, parks and gardens.

Hiking like God in France

The island offers a stunning variety of hiking opportunities. Along the coast, beach paths invite to long relaxing walks, while the spectacular cliff paths lead to idyllic bays and harbours.

An extensive network of small streets and roads for longer and shorter tours that you can tap into card or hiking book meanders through the green heart of the island. The quiet, traffic free Green Lanes are a circa 80 km long network of paths, but also by vehicles (maximum speed 26 km/h) is used, but as exploration and discovery based serves mainly hikers, cyclists and horseback riders. The varied trails through enchanted, with mighty oak-lined valleys, along reservoirs, passed on the stately, small country cottages, farms, villages with centuries old churches or to the famous Devil’s hole on the North Coast. Here, we encounter the herd of four-horned Manx Loaghtan sheep. You are the next of kin of the old Jersey sheep.

Depending on personal preference you can compose hiking tours according to specific topics. How about, for example, the ALE trail from pub to pub? The food trail stopping at farm shops or the heritage trails to spectacular sights such as LA HOUGUE Bie, the 6000-year-old passage grave, one of the most beautiful in Europe, to the open air museum Hamptonne, the Mont Orgueil Castle or to the Durrell Wildlife Park?

Walking weeks on Jersey

Every year in May and September, the popular hiking weeks take place in Jersey. There are up to 50 mostly free guided hiking tours between 1.6 and 19 km in length. It goes in all directions of the island. A tour around lists of St. Aubin the beautiful Corbière walk to the headland with its distinctive La Corbière lighthouse. You can listen pirate stories, bunkers exploring or learn from a “Bushman” what grows edible on the beach and in the dunes. Other tours lead on the footsteps of Victor Hugo by St Helier, or the island beauty Lillie Langtry by the parish of St Saviour.

The guides have special knowledge to the individual topics, know answers to questions about the unique history of Jersey, the flora and fauna and give tips for your own. Who would like to get to know every corner of jerseys, may be the ‘Around the Island’ connect. The entire island in part sections will walk five consecutive following days. The sense of who is more for special physical challenges, be on the Collas Crill Island walk referenced. The charity event takes place each year on the summer solstice. The no less than 77 km long tour around the island, starts at 3 o’clock in the morning. But don’t worry, everyone runs only as far as he can…

Pending date 2015
Autumn walking week of 12-19 September 2015

World Jersey

Gull cries, the roar of the waves against the Atlantic wall and the cliffs of the coastline, the solitude of the small bays, the infinity long fine sand beaches, the grandeur of the menhirs and dolmens, the stateliness of the castles and towers, the freshness of the seafood, the fine flavours of the Jersey Royals and a walking dream products is the Jersey cows and the colorfulness of parks, gardens, and meadows – Jersey , which you should meet.

To the Queen, our Duke

The Gallic Celts, then the Romans came the settlers of the stone age and bronze age and in the 9th century the Normans. 1066, the Norman William of the Conqueror of the British Crown and Jersey became Kingdom was, like the other Channel Islands, to the Anglo-Norman. 1204, the English King Johann Ohneland Normandy lost to France. The inhabitants of Jersey chose to belong to the British Crown. As a result, Jersey of this is directly subordinate, but belongs not to United Kingdom and the European Union. Therefore, Queen Elizabeth II on Jersey bears the title “Duke of Normandy”. “To the Queen, our Duke” it says so in a toast to the Queen.

About the island

Subsequently granted you Michael Sänger by walking magazine one final glimpse of the details you need to know, that when travelling on the dream island of Jersey to take into account bangs are.

Currency, the Hersey pounds

Jersey has its own currency, the “Jersey pound”. Although the British pound is accepted as means of payment as well as all major credit cards. Please exchange the Jersey pound notes at least in British pounds before the return journey. Banknotes are not accepted outside the island of Jersey.

Duty-free quantities

Because Jersey is not a member of the EU, duty-free quantities for imports of cigarettes, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, perfume and gifts in the EU apply.

Ferry connections

From Saint Malo in Brittany, catamaran car ferries depart several times daily to Jersey. The crossing takes 70 minutes. Also, there are car ferries from Jersey to Poole, Weymouth and Portsmouth.

Condor Ferries
Tel. + 33 (0) 825 135135

English speaking guide

The 48-page brochure “Hiking Jersey” includes tour suggestions and practical tips. The brochure can be ordered free from the Jersey brochure shipping. is on the site to find detailed information about hiking, including a variety of directions, wall guide wall er events etc.

Flight connections

By the beginning of April to the end of October Jersey is approached from several German airports (on Saturday). Direct flights with Lufthansa, Germanwings and airberlin off: Hanover, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Munich. Also, there are convenient connecting flights, for example from Hamburg, Berlin-Tegel and Zürich via Düsseldorf to Jersey – with Lufthansa and airberlin. March 2015 Jersey is served several times a day from London Gatwick airport by easyJet – with connecting flights from Hamburg, Berlin-Schönefeld, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Munich. You can fly for example with British Airways, Flybe or Lufthansa from several German airports across the UK on the island. (Author: Michael singer, hiking magazine, issue: 181)

More information on the Jersey Tourism

The brochure dispatch of Jersey Jersey Tourism provide free brochures and further information to the island.