Iv Meeting of Blogging Campers.

Of course, the camper of the year’s biggest event could not be left without a dedicated post.
The enthusiasm of the acampadores in the Group of Blogs Campers of Facebook was “pumping” many weeks before the event. I was not less anxious.
I got out of São Paulo around 15:00 hs. We took a super heavy traffic and only arrived in Dubai near the 17:00 hs. We run set up the tent (T 4.2 XL Air) then take a shower and go to the Bar. First ever take a picture with the troublemakers.This photo has other versions on other blogs that were present at the event. Oy vey!! As I like these guys!

Finally we were able to meet people from the highest society. Desvirtualizar was the goal of the night.

To complete the evening had a congrats for Tih blog Trips. This cake was very good.

On Saturday called the kids to a soccer game. Didn’t have much presence, because the competition with the swimming pools in the heat was unfair.

Overview of the central area with a view of the tents Camping & Family blog and the SUPER Podinha tent Camping Club.

Guys Camping & Technology blog (this) standardized. In fact it was an adventure to get these shirts embroidery at the Mall of Itu.

Ahhh. could not forget the pair of zombies … Freddy and Krueger (Tiago and Ricardo). Was a musical revue. Classic 90 years accompanied by a choir of campers.

Leonardo, Kitty and Giulia alongside our new friend Meire and lucky Maithê night, I won at bingo the best prize of Quechua.

One of the grills of the night. I had the privilege to help holding the outdoor  flashlight. After all Cook in the dark is a lot harder.

The following are pictures of our tent+Gazebo. We enjoyed a light rain during the night.

We left already look forward to the next meeting.
We thank all participants who made this event so cool. We specially thank the 4 blogs organizers: Podinha Camping Club; Trips; Camping & family and Back. We also thank the sponsors even though none of the gifts came here home.