Is A Google Iphone Nexus 6 P?

The nexus 6 p is like the iPhone 6 plus a strong Smart phone bolide with ultra sharp display, noble metal dress and an excellent camera. But Huawei’s Android purist, indeed, is a worthy opponent of the Big Apple flagship? has tested it.

Huawei is an Android Smart phone manufacturer, where it goes steeply up. According to “Kantar Worldpanel”, the Chinese group in Europe is now the number 2 and with devices such as the P8 or the Ascend Mate S Huawei plays now in the Smart phone upper class. It’s no wonder that the Chinese for the first time Google has been a flagship in order: the nexus 6 p. has tested it.

After you that plastic-clad nexus 5 X in hand, you can feel at the Huawei Smartphone immediately, that this Googles is upper class. The slim nexus 6 p feels extremely high quality in his flat aluminum dress, ground edges make it very handy despite its size. The keys are also made of metal and fit perfectly on the right side.

Attractive Bead

Especially the back of the Smartphone is interesting, because where Huawei has installed camera and antennas in a bead under a strip of glass. A recess was admitted only for the dual-LED Flash, because otherwise its light would spread too much. Centred in the upper third of the back of the fingerprint sensor, down another area for receiving antenna with plastic in the sound of the metal sheath is covered. The design is unusual, but elegant.

Nexus 6 p between two strong-sounding stereo speakers on the front that has a 5.7-inch, protected by Gorilla glass 4 AMOLED display in QHD-resolution. With 518 ppi pixel density, the screen is super sharp, represents very nice colors, delivers crisp contrasts and is still perfectly readable in an acute angle. Maybe to save battery life, he can, but not as bright lights such as the AMOLED display of the Galaxy S6 or the LCD of the iPhone 6 plus. In addition, the screen shows side considered a slight green tinge.

Prima Camera

The camera is the same as for the nexus 5 X and their images show also the same high image quality. The Huawei nexus is still jigsaw ready to fire as the 5X but after a double pressure on the switch. It can make even slow motion shots with 240 frames per second. In addition, the nexus has a typically strong for Huawei Smartphone front camera 6 p. Delivers images with up to 8 Megapixels and copes well in Twilight: has nearly as large pixels as the rear-view camera and a relatively large aperture of f/2.4. Their images are better than those of many main cameras.

The fingerprint sensor works perfectly at the nexus of 5X. Prints are scanned in a few seconds, which instantly unlocked device. His position is perfectly chosen, the index finger is the enhanced sensor quickly and conveniently.

Strong Performance

Also the performance of the nexus 6 p is worthy of a flagship. The Smartphone is powered by Qualcomm’s processor Snapdragon 810, whose eight kerne expect up to 2 gigahertz, the memory is 3 gigabytes in size. Thus, the Smartphone for strenuous tasks is well equipped, even graphically demanding games cause him no problems. The device is then while noticeably warm, but not uncomfortably hot at the back in the area of the fingerprint sensor. It is annoying for frugal shoppers, however, that there is no place for microSD cards. Internally Google offers the nexus 6 p with 32, 64, or 128 gigabytes.

The battery has a capacity of 3450 Mah and keeps the Smartphone with understated use even two days running. Running out of juice, is ready for use a few hours after a few minutes the device thanks to USB-C connector with Schnelladefunktion. Ten minutes are enough for up to seven hours, two to three hours are realistic during normal operation. Speaking of USB-C: In contrast to the 5 X also a short Käbelchen is the 6 p, with which it can be connected to conventional USB Sockets.

Nexus In Top Form

The bottom line is the Android purist Huawei clear the best nexus Smartphone and met with its qualities of the iPhone 6 plus at least at eye level.Highlights are the cameras, the sharp screen, and the handsome aluminum dress. The prices for the Smartphone are probably justified given the weakness of the euro. At least 649 euros for the 32 gigabyte version they move but to many potential buyers on the threshold of pain.