Iphone 6 S Is a Trendsetter

Always occurs something to Apple: the iPhone 6s is indeed no Smart phone sensation, but provides a crucial innovation that could soon become the standard. Otherwise, it leaves a strong impression in the test.

“Everything has changed, is all,” claims Apple. “If you use the iPhone 6 s from Ablogtophone for the first time, you know, you’ve never had something similar in his hand.” Given the unchanged design the first sentence is a bit awkward, but the second statement is true in some ways actually.Because with 3D touch the device has a technique that so so far is to find in any other Smartphone. Also n-tv.de has most excited this function.

Was used to test an iPhone 6 s plus, the smaller model are the same as the previous generation: bigger screen, higher screen resolution, stronger battery, optical image stabilization.Otherwise, the devices have the same properties.

Generally it comes to touch in 3D that detects the touch screen when a finger presses to more and allows further actions. The iPhone 6 s, a firmer pressure on an app icon opens a menu with up to four shortcuts. Apple leaves developers here virtually all possibilities, for the time being, but above all in-house apps use 3D touch. On the phone, for example, you see three favored contacts after a fixed pressure and can create a new, over the the camera icon opens a menu with four recording modes. Mail displays the search, the universal inbox and VIP news, it is also possible to write an email directly.

Peek And Pop

In open applications, 3D touch has two levels. The first shows a preview with some shortcuts usually opens the second fixed pressure elements. An example: E-mails containing a link to a Web page, you can see this first as a preview that you can pull up. A small menu you can open, add to the reading list or copy. One does not leave mail but, pulls you back down the preview, is back in the Inbox. With a second firm pressure on the preview, you will go directly to Safari. Similarly, this works with dates or locations. Apple cites the principle of “Peek and Pop”.

3D provides many practical options touch the maps app. The symbol menu offers the possibilities to navigate straight to your home, to mark its location or to send and to search for places nearby. In the application you can send its current location or open its home page after pressing a place, call, determine the route or obtain opening hours and other information.

As a small 3D-Touch-Extra, the recent app via a print on the left edge of the display can be opened at the iPhone 6 s. The second “force touch” then opens the multi-tasking carousel. It’s nice, here, the home button pressed twice but is clearly faster and less complicated.

As The Right Mouse Button

Basically the 3D-Touch-Bedienung worked in the test after a brief acclimatization phase excellent. The sensitivity is adjusted perfectly, almost never raise the finger unwanted actions. You have to watch only, not to press if an app should be deleted-here results in a longer touch to your destination.

You quickly befriends the new operation and want to no longer miss as the right mouse button on a PC. First of all, if you have a large iPhone 6 s plus, because 3D touch even the one-hand operation makes it much easier. Nice but if Apple would in the future allow users the menu’s own priorities to suit, for example, to select an Inbox mail. How many iOS developers will customize their apps in the near future is still an open question, -finally, the feature is available only on the new iPhones available. In the future, there is no way should pass by 3D touch for it but.

3D touch is also the reason that the new iPhones a tiny bit bigger and with 14 or 20 grams a good chunk are heavier than their predecessors. The new and stronger 7000 series aluminium alloy it hardly plays a role, according to ‘iFixit’ the display unit of the iPhone weighs 6 s less than 15 grams more, the 6 s plus 20 grams. In addition, 3D touch needed more space, which is why Apple batteries had to shrink to 95 and 165 mah.

More Pixels For The Detail

The second major improvement is the iPhone 6s the new 12-megapixel camera on the back. Thus, Apple closes up to the competition, upper-class 13 megapixel already is in minimum standard. Now, the photos offer much more details the iSight camera. Even if close to objects is zoomed, long time no blocks show up.

Fortunately the quality of the recording does not suffer due to the higher density of pixels on the sensor, succeeded Apple, to keep the noise at the low level of the iPhone-6 camera through the use of new technologies. Up on the higher resolution, you can see however hardly any differences to the previous camera the photo comparison. Colors, illumination and contrasts are almost identical. Overall the recordings work the iPhone 6s but something crunchy. Briefly: New iSight is excellent images, but not a high Achiever. The Samsung Galaxy S6 can then, for example, easily keep.

No Apple invention, but new to the iPhone: Live photos. This camera takes short videos before and after the actual photo. You can see the moving images on the iPhone 6s according to a fixed pressure, they can be seen but also on other Apple devices. Recipients of Android Smartphones or Windows machine will see just a photo. The function is pretty and fun, Apple has therefore set it default. Live photos take but about twice as much space as ordinary shots and not really something moves, they are unnecessary.

The new iPhones are now like the Android competitor able, to record 4K-Videos applies here, too: Unlike its predecessor, is actually only the higher resolution. Users can see them in the current video that you can zoom in. That will slow iPhone 6s on request in full HD, unzip it wobbles digital time-lapse videos. When the plus the optical image stabilizer is now on moving images used.

Display Is Lit For Selfies

Selfie fans will be thrilled by the new 5-megapixel front camera. To provide good pictures in low-light, Apple uses the display with her as a photo light. This is more than a good Flash replacement since the 6s analyzes the ambient light and appropriately adjusts the hue. The test takes so much beautiful self portraits, that can inspire through natural skin tones.

Of course, Apple has turned firmly at the new generation of iPhone the power screw. The new A9 chip is a beast. Geekbench 3 more than 2400 points reached his processor in all test runs with a core – Lone Peak. With two cores, the A9 to nearly 4300 points – comes about so much as the Exynos of the Galaxy S6 with eight cores processor creates. In graphic benchmarks, the iPhone 6 s stomps the competition even in the ground. The Apple-monster on 39 FPS-15 came more than the Galaxy S6 reached in Manhattan comparison of GFXBench.

The computing power is paying off in everyday life but actually only in the now possible processing of 4K-Videos in iMovie. Otherwise, there is quite simply no application that excites him. The A9 is an investment in the future.

The touch ID has become also faster. The scanner reads not only prints significantly faster, he unlocked the iPhone too much part of the jigsaw. Also Apple Wi-Fi and LTE has raised up to date, that now support the fastest transfer rates.

Question Mark Behind The Battery

As for the battery life, was just too short the test time to make a judgment. So far, are indications but that she has remained roughly the same, with a slight trend downwards. In the enduring plus small differences are to cope with, a weaker period in the standard iPhone that has the evening significantly less reserves would be critical.

Ultimately, the iPhone 6 s definitely is the best iPhone. It is strong, has two world-class cameras and can also intentionally hardly bend. Apple fights but like other manufacturers so that pure performance improvements are no longer sufficient to remain at the top. Innovations have become rare in the Smartphone business, with 3D touch has conjured up again but just a function out of the hat the company, which is so far unique. Although Huawei has introduced with the mate S force touch, but is not comparable from the functionality. Touch and similar technologies have 3D it takes to become a standard in sharp Smartphones such as last of the fingerprint scanner.