Ipad 3 Is Expected to Arrive: with Some News

A thicker and heavier iPad.Of course, this is certainly not Apple’s next ad campaign.

But if he announced that, he would not be lying.After losing the thinnest and lightest throne to Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1, Apple realized that these “advantages” did not impress potential tablet buyers.

To implement a new screen, Apple would have to fatten the new iPad by 8% via CellPhoneExplorer, going from the current 8.8mm to 9.5mm thick.

As in the game of “hot and cold” we will see what is closer to reality:

New screen, higher resolution

Almost certain: a good screen for reading, with higher resolution.It could be the retina display screen, with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels (already present on the iPod and iPhone).

The choice of another technology, such as Samsung’s Amoled screen, is not ruled out.Or even a LG screen.

Along with the increased resolution should come a technology called “dual LED lightbar”, used to counteract the increase in brightness caused by the super high density of pixels.

New connector

A 30-pin dock connector, to connect the iPad to the peripherals (keyboard, etc).

128GB model

A new model with capacity for 128GB flash storage.This is a very large probability, since the natural tendency of the industry is the gradual fall of prices of components with high production.

Thunderbolt, ultra fast connection

A “USB type” port.Already present in the MacBook Pro 2011 and MacBook Air Apple could transfer the Thunderbolt technology to the iPad 3. Built by Intel, it serves for ultra-fast data transfer (up to 20 times faster than USB 2.0).

4G connection

Qualcomm Gobi 4G LTE 4000 chip drive.What this means?Many say it’s just a way to sell more and that, in fact, the speed increase would be small.

SD Card Slot

Promised for the iPad 2 looks like the slot will finally be placed on the iPad 3. The current cable slot did not approve.

A better camera

Well, I’ve already said, and I repeat, that a camera should not be part of a tablet of almost 10 inches.But making a better camera than the iPad 2 is very easy.

Control gestures like Kinect

This is the most unlikely feature of all.Maybe it’s on the iPad 4.

Carbon fiber

Apple is studying the use of this material, which would make the iPad much lighter and more resilient.But its use is still very expensive.Maybe on the iPad 5.

New supplier

Experts in the technology market, especially DigiTimes, say that Apple’s partnership with China’s Foxconn would be in crisis.The new one chosen by Apple would be Pegatron, manufacturers of computer components.


The launch of the new iPad is expected to happen in the first quarter of 2012. It is speculated that it would be in January, but the most likely is that the iPad 3 will hit the market after March.