Huggies Pull Ups

I’m already preparing a post on the fly that I will publish soon. Meanwhile I’m going to show you a few of the elements that has helped me a lot in this process.

One of them is the diaper Huggies Pull Ups.
The difference to the common is that she wears diapers and get like a panties or underwear. It’s fine for older children at the stage of the fly. Is called diaper training.

And what’s the advantage of that?

Is not depend on more of the exchanger anywhere you are.

I don’t think it’s a diaper for daily use and even for evening, but to carry on bag when you leave the House.

In the case of Bruna this option helped me a lot, because pee she already does for some time on the toilet, ask when you want to go, and rarely leak.

But poop for now she just wants to be in diapers.

So if you’re on the street, and she want to poop, I put this diaper super fast anywhere you are and don’t need a changing table to put her down.

For those who want to start the fly, this diaper is already a good workout to get used the child to dress standing no more lying.

Also has a feature that I found very cool are some stars on the front that disappear as the diaper with pee.

So it’s something fun to start training together with the child.
Works well for the afternoon nap of Bruna. We put the diaper and as soon as she wakes up we checked if the stars are there! So I can control how often she does pee or not sleeping in the few hours that NAP.

The absorption is great, never leaked, and the touch is very soft. The elastic sides are super wide and firm, which allows the child to play and don’t leave the place. And in this case I like Huggies Pull Ups than the Up & Go for as it doesn’t open on the side, there is less risk of release.

Of course there are children that don’t even use the this diaper because they dump the common diaper very easily. But as here it wasn’t like that, I have experienced and tried all the fly-related products that can help.

I’m a huge fan of Huggies, and panty is more of a product tested and approved super here on Oxfordastronomy!

And next week will talk about the types of bedpans and seat gears!

And you have already tested this diaper?