HP Printer Cartridge Refill

Here you will find detailed instructions for refilling HP ink. This refill instructions is 336 (C9362EE), 337 (C9364EE), 338 (C8765EE), 339 (C8767EE) and the colored HP cartridges (C9361EE) 342, 343 (C8766EE), 344 (C9363EE) and 348 (C9369EE) about filling the black HP printer cartridges. Of course you can buy cheap also the appropriately matched HP refill ink in our Online-Shop . If refilling the cartridge is too burdensome, we offer also already finished refill cartridges moved and fuellte. For this you simply select Your printer model and the appropriate original or refilled HP printer cartridges are displayed you.

Black HP 339 colour HP, printer cartridge 343 ink cartridge Photfarbene HP 348 cartridge

Refill Instructions For HP Printer Cartridge 336, 337, 338 And 339

General Information

Lay out your workplace with a newspaper or Jo paper, thus you can contaminate anything with refill ink.Best never completely empty print her HP cartridge and refill before. So the jets of the printhead can get clogged and the sponge inside the cartridge does not dry out and remains supple.

First Step: Remove The Sticker Of The HP Printer Cartridge

Insert the HP printer cartridge the print head down onto the work surface and remove the HP label with a knife or your finger nails. You can then simply paste the sticker on the side of the cartridge.

Second Step: HP Printer Cartridge Fill Refill Ink

You see now a total of 7 holes on the top of the cartridges. The top hole (see image) is to refill the HP printer cartridge.

Figure 1 replace the black HP printer cartridge

Now take our suitable HP printer ink and draw 15-18 milliliters of ink into the syringe. It is important that you use appropriately matched HP ink and thus the font will print clean the print head of the ink cartridge is not clogged. When pulling up the ink on it, make sure that you absorb air with but little ink. If there is still air inside the syringe, hold the syringe with the needle upwards and push up some ink comes from the cannula. It should get no air in the cartridge when the refill.

Insert the syringe deep into the filling opening (see figure) the cartridge and inject the ink slowly. If foam or ink through the filling opening comes back when you fill, remove ink again 1 ml and wait until the ink in the cartridge has been distributed. After a few minutes, you can further fill up and stop the filling process.The actual refill process is now complete.

Third Step: Attach The Stickers And Clean The Print Head

To successfully refill your HP ink cartridge, now again glue the HP label on top of the cartridge. All holes are now closed. If the sticker does not properly, take some Scotch tape or adhesive tape and attach the sticker on the old site. The print head is located at the bottom of the print cartridge.

  1. HP 339 black cartridge printhead image

After filling, take a damp Zewa cloth (preferably with distilled water or window cleaner) over the print head until it is clean and emits kontinuirlich ink. Then insert the HP cartridge in your printer and start a cleaning cycle. After this is complete, you can print on. If still Strip in the expression can be seen, repeat the cleaning of the HP cartridge.

Refill Instructions For HP Printer Cartridge 342, 343, 344 And 348

General Information

Put your workspace with newspaper or paper towels, thus no spots can cause with the refill ink . Best you never completely empty print your HP printer cartridge. Refill the cartridge beforehand. Thus, the print head nozzles get clogged and the sponge inside the cartridge does not dry out and remains supple.

First Step: Remove You The Label Of The HP Ink Cartridge

Place the HP ink cartridge on your work surface and remove the label with your finger nails. The label, you can set aside or simply stick to the sides of the cartridge.

Second Step: HP Printer Cartridge Refill

The third picture shows the HP printer cartridge without a label. Total is five holes on the top, the three matching be filling holes are marked in colour in the photo. Attention: never color refill ink into the wrong Chamber fill, otherwise your printer cartridge is unusable.

Image 3. Print cartridge 342, 343, 344 with matching holes

Figure 4 HP 348 photo printer cartridge with matching holes

Quantities Of Each HP Printer Cartridges:

HP printer cartridge C8766EE No. 343 Overall 7.5 milliliters of ink / about 2.5 milliliters per color Chamber
HP printer cartridge C9363EE No. 344 A total of 13.5 ml Ink / about 4.5 milliliters per color Chamber
HP printer cartridge C9361EE No. 342 Total 9 milliliters of ink / about 3 milliliters per color Chamber
HP photo printer cartridge C9369EE No. 348 Total 12 milliliters of ink / about 4 milliliters per color Chamber

Pull the syringe with the specified amount of refill ink and insert the cannula as deep as possible in the appropriate Chamber of the cartridge. Ensure again that no air is in the syringe, you need to press them out beforehand. Refill the ink well slow in the Chamber. If ink escapes out of the filler hole, remove ink about a milliliter and wait a few minutes until the ink in the sponge has been distributed. Then you can refill on the HP printer cartridge. After you filled all three color Chambers have the refill process is complete.

Third Step: Attach Stickers And Clean The HP Printer Cartridge

Take the loose HP label and glue them back to the previous position. If the sticker has not properly, feel free to fix it with a piece of adhesive tape. Now be filling holes are closed again.

Now take a Jo cloth and wipe in the longitudinal direction over the print head. Wipe across the print head, as the color inks to the different jets of the printhead might damage.

Now put the HP printer cartridge back into your printer and start the cleaning cycle of the printer driver. If the test print will still Strip, repeat the cleaning operation.

If you always early fill your cartridge and clean the print head, you can repeatedly cheap refill your HP printer cartridges and save money. You find the refill ink tailored fit to your printer types of course in ouronline shop. Choose a printer model for this from printerhall.com and it will be displayed the appropriate HP refill ink.