How to Wear Womens Military Style Boots

If the leaves of the trees fall, that weather is fickle and snow and ice cross our path, it is again time for our favorite in the autumn and winter. Boots belong to the permanent burners under the shoes and they show us each year that they are essential. If it is cold and wet from the bottom, we need to protect our feet and what would be better suited as Chelsea boots and Overknees boots?

Boots for ladies

The shoes, which are times ankle-high, wadenhoch, knee or below the knee, are practical and functional. Boots were invented to our feet and Shin to protect from dirt and wetness, to keep us warm, and to get through the winter with a non-slip sole. With boots, we are always well drawn to, not just the pragmatic advantage is in the foreground, but also from a fashion perspective, boots offer us much. The range of boots is so high that we have the choice.

The variety of flat, sharp, round and high boots is just the beginning. In addition, you can choose between different fabrics, leather, faux leather and suede. Also buckles and refined designs not simplify the selection. Sure you is your winter outfit into something special when you first found your perfect boots, are doing.

Boots for every style

Boots fit to every woman. Whether sporty or elegant, for every style there is something. For the casual look, you can style rough boots, biker boots, or Chelsea boots. One consistent with tight jeans, leather Leggings or tights. Combined shopper bag, parka, dark destroyed jeans, especially the ankle-high biker boots and Chelsea boots are a boots trend in autumn and winter. But even in the warm seasons fits boots great to a pretty summer dress or a bootie.

For the elegant and feminine look, our loyal companions are high-quality calf boots for many years. In Cognac – and nougat color, leather, buckles and with or without paragraph the feminine boots makes a good figure. These boots shape fits especially to the skirt or dress. A trend-setter, you’re guaranteed with a thigh high boots. Overknees as the name suggests, need to go above the knee and look especially good on large women. Long legs are optimally used in scene.

Also rubber boots have become a fashion statement. In bright colors, they bring good mood in a gray day and make a fun experience the passing of puddles. And the feet remain in naturally dry.

Chelsea boots, high boots and protect us from cold and wet

It depends on the maintenance. Do you have your perfect pair of boots in the shoe rack stand, you should consider some things. So that you have something of your boots, long, you have to maintain, clean, and especially waterproof. Should your boots will look wet, then stuff into some newspaper, because it absorbs the moisture. So you enjoy on your new favorite boots.