How to Wear: Sweatpants

The comfortable street fashion has increasingly shown its relevant space in the fashion world. By the way, what good is a beautiful outfit on the catwalk if it is not functional for the wearer?

The sweatpants are a piece that until then we would only use at home, on a very cold day, under the covers, watching a movie and eating a spoonful.This is the part that I find most fun in fashion.How could such a normal piece become a fashionista’s desire?And I think the answer is:because she is normal!A pair of sweatpants is as common as a pair of jeans.It’s just that while we used them both at different times, we can now use them with the same intentions.

The problem with the piece is that it looks like a “weekend”, so the ideal model of the sweatpants is the driest one that tapers in the legs. To accompany, the blouse can not be normal, on the contrary. Bet on blouses with vibrant colors like coral and sophisticated as navy blue, less casual modeling. As for shoes, prefer the heels or a very rich little creeper. The sweatshirt requires better and more well-crafted accessories, such as necklaces and more eye-catching purses. To wear sweatpants well, the girls at the Style Workshop teach!

Where to Buy:department stores like C & A, Renner, Riachuelo, Marisa and Zara.I also saw beautiful models of sweatpants in Shop 126’s winter collection.

1. Sweatpants and blouse

2. Sweatpants and Cold Blouse

3. Sweatpants and Blazer

4. Sweatpants and Leather Jacket

5. Sweatpants and miscellaneous jackets

6. Famous of Sweatpants