How to Wear Red Clothes

The red and shades are the colors of our fall 2015. These colors are often feared by men because too bright and too strong, they seem too difficult to grant. Yet these colors give immediate life to look. You will see in the following three outfits, how and with what we can wear red!

If red is on top?

It is easier to wear red on top, I can concede. For this first outfit I made the choice of a flush magenta sweater knit neck I would advise you to wear a white shirt with little blue and purple patterns. Wearing white will allow the pull to take a prominent place in your look.
For the rest of the silhouette, I’ve selected a slim raw denim jeans or straight cut, a jacket or a gray or mottled jacket and black sneakers .
You can accessorize with a scarf or a navy blue or gray blue scarf, a black or gray bowling bag.
We must maintain consistency in color and do not wear too bright colors with a magenta sweater. Rather bet on dark and cool colors to create harmony between your parts. Breasted Coat Paul Smith: 599 euros Shirt Spirit40 euros Jeans Bonobo 34.99 euros Red Sweater Levi’s 64.99 euros Scarf Zara: 29.95 euro Shoes Piola Iberia: 190 euros tote Bag New Look: 41,99 euros.

If red is down?

A red pants is the basis for a stylish outfit according to INTERNETSAILORS. Many men do not dare to try this type of jeans or chinos. I tell you, you have guided you from time to time by your desires. Let’s start with a very elegant pastel red jeans you can wear with a sweater light green round neck lambswool. Remember to put under a white cotton shirt to avoid the sometimes unpleasant friction of wool on the skin. I decided to look it to show you that one can combine several colors. You can choose to take a navy blue coat like a pea coat or a trench. Or, for those with a more sober approach to their holding, I also chose a padded jacket you clear or metallic gray. In both cases, you pull a pair of gray boots. Jean Bugatti : 100 euros Coat Kiomi: 120 euros Jackets Jack & Jones: 69,90 EUR sweater wool Farah: 90,99 EUR Boots Bobbies: 165 euros

My red look

I confess that this does not displease me to wear red or other colors of his cameo. I am still a preference for pants. Besides, I would realize my outfit with a chino magenta red, white and mottled sweater asymmetrical black blazer. A touch of fantasy that will oppose the classicism of my accessories with a smooth black leather briefcase and a gray wool scarf.
In my shoes, black boots with buckles will be ideal. Here is an outfit that focuses on the pants and jacket with associated parts quality and elegant.

Now you can let yourself go to wear red. This color represents a certain self-confidence and style. Assert yourself and assert your looks! Mallette Zara: 49,95 EUR asymmetric Blazer Asos: 96.99 euros Chino Teddy Smith: 59,90 EUR Pull melange Selected: 40 euros Shoes Bexley Garrick: 139 euros