How to Wear: Pants Cargo

Do you remember the fever of the cargo pants in the 90s? I myself had several of those very large ones and always wore a tighter shirt. Years passed and now in charge has changed. Who knows for the best, right? The modeling of the cargo pants for the summer and winter of 2011 is fairer, in the military green color, to complete all this militaristic tendency. The person responsible for transforming the play was Balmain, in his 2010 summer parade. Jeans Brand J. Brand was responsible for making the trousers popular, for a much more price. While Balmain’s cargo pants are $ 2,000, J. Brand’s pants go for $ 230.And he took the famous ones!

The new cargo pants come with a proposal to serve as jeans, to be used in our everyday life, but, unlike the 90’s modeling, the current charge is to be worn with tighter blouses. It could be from a t-shirt to a larger silk blouse.Blouses of stripes, floral and animal prints combine very much with the military green color that predominates in the season.A combination that is also super sure is to wear it with a lace blouse, which can be light or dark, as it contrasts the heavy style of the pants with the romanticism of income.Blouses with laces or sequins go well with pants for turning it into a more upscale piece.

Like all the pieces, there is always a caveat to do. As the pants have pockets or in the thigh or hips, it makes a volume in those parts that is often unwanted by many women. So look for pants that have smaller, more discreet pockets. A good tip from Recipesinthebox for the lower ones is to wear heeled pants, since it will stretch the silhouette a lot.The ideal sandals are those that leave the instep free.

This new cargo pants is much more versatile than the previous one, so try several combinations that fit your style!

Where to Buy:Bobstore already has its versions of cargo pants and Zara as well.In his blog, C & A also says that some models of this pair are on sale.

1. Pants with Blouse

2. Pants with Shirt

3. Pants with Basic T-Shirt

4. Pants with T-Shirt

5. Pants with Jackets

6. Jessica Alba with Pants

I chose Jessica Alba because she was able to wear her pants in very different, yet casual, ways that we easily found in our wardrobes.Did you see how she wore a boot, a skirt, and a heel with the same style of pants?Great styles to copy!