How to Wear Mini Skirts Casually

The miniskirt is the star of the skirts. Once provocative and now a must in almost any wardrobe. This short skirt conjures up long legs and is versatile usable. The skirt is super short, then you should not necessarily carry him in the Office – the rule States that the hem of the skirt at most a hand should wide end above the knee. But also in the leisure area offers many possibilities to combine the mini skirt. For example, to go out with high heels and an elegant top or in winter with tights, gloves and boots.

The miniskirt is changeable and versatile

The mini skirt make it, your feminine features skillfully to put in scene and to put your legs in focus. You can wear elegant, sporty or sexy mini skirt. For the different styles, it is on the combination: do you want to create an elegant look, then a high-quality blouse and elegant shoes combine to a mini skirt. Should it be more athletic then sneaker and a casual basic combine top or T-Shirt to the short skirt. You can easily create the sexy look with high shoes and a tight top – pay attention that the outfit is not cheap, but quality and style.

The mini skirt is a must-have in the wardrobe

There is the mini skirt in various forms, colors, options and materials – whether denim, stretch, Plissé, cotton, linen, or from the trendy ‘ 60s suede – the miniskirt is so changeable like hardly another piece of clothing.

The mini rock shop online

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