How to Wear Leggings with High Heels

Slim, sleek, skintight, leggings are the perfect style rivet, the modern woman’s wardrobe. Although made of leather leggings has affected the runways leggings made of jeans or jeggings were featured in fashion magazines in 2009. Are these tight leg coverings paired with high heels or chunky heels, leggings right shoes transition easily from day to night.


• Wear low-heel boots for daytime use. When paired with leggings and flows from the top, leather and suede boots making seamless daytime look. The easiest shoes to wear your leggings are knee-high style. The perfect pair of boots to fit the foot without having to dig for your meat.

• A couple of kitten heels leggings and a t-shirt. Kitten heels are sensitive, low interest rates are a versatile and easy to wear casual dress. Since most of the leggings are black, dark gray or blue shades, dressed in light-colored t-shirt. Cotton T-shirt, bold or solid results, is another simple option for a relaxed working environment. Use a cardigan sweater in the autumn to add a kitten to tilt and leg warmers.

• To be a celebrity to your heels. The website to wear leggings fancy term interest rates allows the user to renegade celebrity appearance. Complete the look, a woman’s fashion-forward more fitted jacket, which is nipped in at the waist.

• Use bold accessories and platform shoes. Celebrity style a favorite movie or music star, wear leggings platform shoes, several silver bracelets and large round sunglasses.

• Polish your look black heels and bold accessories. Statement jewelry, designer handbags and classic black pumps turn right from the leggings biker chic glam goddess.

• Choose thick or chunky heel. The heavier the shoe, the more casual the look will be. Since the stacked heel is a comfortable high-heel styles, select this style of work, or in situations where walking long distances is. Use thick heel shoes have lunch or a casual dinner with friends.