How to Wear: Leather Skirt

In the past post, Lays asked in the comments for us to talk some more about leather pieces. As I already posted here in JL How to Wear:Leather Jackets and Leather Short, today I will talk about the skirts, which Lia loves so much (do you remember her looks? This, this, this and this are my favorites!) And that are so interesting for this winter.I’ll post on leather pants too, but in the next post!

I think I fell in love with this model …

Well, first of all, the leather skirts are available in various models. So it is important to pay attention to the style you want to invest. There are leather miniskirts, tight on the body, which preferably go at night. As they are sexier, you can invest in tighter blouses or even shirts inside. Out-of-band tee shirts are perfect to counteract the style. Another model available on is the pencil skirt , longer (can go up slightly after the knee) and fair, which can go well until day, at work, depending on the location. At that time, wear button shirts down the inside of the skirt and scarpins .If it is colder, you can wear a sweater over it.

There is also the straight model, which is great for any occasion. Try wearing with a trench coat and pantyhose to look more stylish. And, last but not least, the pleated skirt of leather. Okay, you’re my favorite. I’m having a fit after I saw the photo above, okay? Well, the model may be shorter or even midi (as in the second picture below). This type of skirt can even be used in a warmer climate (if you are willing, of course), since it is not glued to the body and will not be bothering you. If the model is high waist, finish the look with a belt , otherwise you can wear it with a sweater over, along with a pair of pantyhose and sneakers (or ankle boots, if it’s a look for the night).

As for the colors, you may prefer brown and beige for day and black for night. But it’s not that kind of rule you have to follow. Today, many of these myths are proving to be baseless. The fact is that the leather combines very well with delicate fabrics, transparencies, lace, knit, but also with jeans, which gives a more bare composition.

Where to Buy:you find them very easily in the fast-fashion Renner, C & A, Zara and Riachuelo (go for me, I searched, haha!).Online, look for Dafiti, Renner’s Virtual Store, OQVestir, Analoren and Mag-Online.

1. Leather Skirt + T-Shirt

2. Leather Skirt + Blouse

3. Leather Skirt + Shirt

4. Leather Skirt + Sweater

5. Leather Skirt + Cardigan

6. Leather Skirt + Jacket

7. Leather Skirt + Blazer

8. Leather Skirt + Coat

9. Leather + Leather

10. Famosas + Leather Skirt