How to Wear: Clothing for Rock in Rio

On September 23, one of the most anticipated music festivals of all time begins:Rock in Rio.And this time, finally, he returned to Rio!Ironic, is not it?Therefore, it is with a lot of good envy that I have separated some ideal looks for those who are going to the festival.

That’s why I thought a lot about today’s looks. They need to be functional, practical, but also stylish, after all, it’s a rock show!As for clothing, of course some have a rock’n’roll footprint, but some are more basic and some are clearly more hippies.I thought of Janis Joplin when choosing some clothes.

And the main thing: comfort. Nothing to appear in the Rock in Rio jump, did you see? A festival like these is place of boots (high or low), coats, sneakers, oxfords, galoshes, loafers and at most, sneakers.Open-toed sandals are not a good choice as too many people will step on your foot.Some looks below are jumping, but just replace with another shoe.Enjoy the rock’n’roll event to go with shorts, plaid shirts, band shirts, rivets, ripped pants, big and wide sweaters, custom clothes, vests and even, maybe, that shirt stolen from your father Or boyfriend!

Who does not care and feels comfortable in going skirt or dress, a tip:put a shorts underneath, like those in lycra.You never know when you’ll want to go up to your colleague to see the show better!As for the accessories, you can wear bandanas, chains necklaces and thousand bracelets.Just beware of thugs in the middle of the road!Do not carry a purse (keep it in your pockets), but if you need it, take a small shoulder strap and be very attentive.

And one last thing:have fun! Push-shove, fight, step on foot, stain of drink on clothes … all this is part.Do not let anything ruin the show and experience that unique!

1. Clothes for the Rock in Rio with Short Jeans

2. Clothes for the Rock in Rio with Short

3. Clothes for the Rock in Rio with Skirt

4. Clothes for the Rock in Rio with Legging

5. Clothes for the Rock in Rio with Pants

6. Clothing for the Rock in Rio with Pants Jeans

7. Clothes for the Rock in Rio with Dress

8. Famosas with Clothes for the Rock in Rio