How to Wear: Clothing for Rock in Rio – for Men!

Again the Rock in Rio!All to leave us not going mouth-to-mouth.And, of course, inspire anyone who is lucky enough to go!This time, I decided to be democratic.Men also deserve inspiration for the festival, of course.And for the girls who go with them, they also deserve well-dressed guys on the side, right?!

Men are usually more boring with clothes. They do not like anything, they do not use anything and they have prejudice with everything! Happy the guy who has an open mind to dress!So I invite the readers of Just Lia. The girls have already begun to dare to use different pieces than usual. You could start, too, boys? Get out of jeans + everyday t – shirt and start wearing overlaps once in a while.

For Rock in Rio, the same objective of girls’clothes remains:COMFORT! Just like the festival, for them, there should not be high heels, too short or too tight, for you no clothes that bother you, tight shoes, tight pants.It would not indicate blouses and light pants, they can stain, dirty and etc.Suede shoe is also not a great idea, it will end up dirty and will never be clean again…

I selected third cardigan and leather jacket pieces. The first, for those men who do not feel so cold, but are afraid of a rain in the day. The second, to give style! Some jackets do not get so hot. Bermuda for the super hyper mega ultra heat. Rio de Janeiro, right? Never know! It is also worth completing with cool accessories such as caps, necklaces, watches, bracelets, bandanas, rings and sunglasses (for those who go by day!). Just beware of them and of course with the money and the documents in your pocket. Nobody wants to get bored with thrashers!

1. Looks with Camiseta de Banda

2 Looks with Camisa Jeans

3 Looks with Camisa Chess

4 Looks with Vest

5. Looks with Cardigan

6 Looks with Leather Jacket

7 Looks with Bermuda

8 Looks with Torn jeans

9 Looks with Pants

10 Looks from Famosos